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Star Trek Convention
Name: Conflict
Dates: July 28-29, 1990
Location: Australia
Organization: Sastrek
Founding Date:
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Conflict was a Star Trek con hosted by Sastrek, an Australian fan club.

It may have been one of the mini-cons this fan club hosted. In 1990 program book, there is mention of the previous year's gathering.


Conflict 1990

The guest speaker was Grant Gartrell "who so generously gave up his time to share with us his ideas and concern for our Planet Earth."

Another guest was Jane Brooks from the Adelaide Space Frontier Society. She was on a panel discussion.

Another guest was Alan Thompson and "his incredible puppets."

The program book included to inserts, filks by Robert Jan "When Just a Cadet" (TUNE: from "When I Was a Lad" (from H.M.S. Pinafore, Or: The Lass Who Loved a Sailor") and "Enterprise Fair" (TUNE: "Scarborough Fair").

1990 Con Program and Programming

1990 Booklets

This con generated two booklets published by Genesis Publications.

  • "The Character of Conflict" (short essays, each with an illo, about the main characters in Star Trek and their relationships with conflict), see that page for more info
  • "Conflictagrams: Useful Sayings to Help With Your Daily Conflict" (collected quotes about conflict, researchers & contributors are Anthea, Leanne, Jan, and Gail, contains about eight pages)