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Star Trek Convention
Name: Confetti
Dates: August 1-2, 1988
Location: Coventry
Focus: Star Trek
Organization: contact: was Gail Adams
Founding Date:
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Confetti was a Star Trek held August 1-2, 1988 in Coventry. It was the 26th British Star Trek convention.

from a BSFR

The Guest of Honor was John DeLancie.

According to a mention in Star Trek Action Group #80, the bid for this con was a year late due to there being no 24th con, the expected place of proposal: "There was no bid put forward for this slot, but a group asked if they could put forward a bid at the next convention, and it was agreed that they could present their proposal at the next business meeting at UFP Con."

This probably means that the con com had only one year to plan.

There is a con report for this in Enterprise Originals #7.