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Name: ConTex (also spelled CONTEX)
Dates: 1983-1996
Location: Houston, Texas
Type: fan run, non-profit
Organization: Friends of Fandom
Founder: Candace Pulleine?
Founding Date:
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ConTex is a small, fan run convention held in the Houston, Texas area.

From a 1996 flyer for the Friends of Fandom fan club: "'Friends of Fandom' is a nonprofit, literary, scientific, and educational 501(c)(3) corporation committed to encouraging and facilitating interest and activities pertaining to science fiction, fantasy, and science fact in its various forms.....Other projects they sponsor include: CONTEX, a smallish, intimate, mixed interest con (literary, media, gaming, etc) held on Thanksgiving weekend...."

1983 (1)

Portions of Contex 1983 was videotaped. The videotape is part of the Kandy Fong Video Collection. The fan GoH was Joanne Burger.

1983 (2)

1984 (3)

1986 (4)

cover of the 1986 program guide

1987 (5)

1988 (6)

1989 (7)

1990 (8)

1991 (9)

1992 (10)

Patti E. Prevett was the artist for the ConTex 10 program book.

1993 (11)

ConTex 11 was held in 1993 at the Howard Johnson's. Guest of honor was Barbara Hambly, the artist guest of honor was Brad W. Foster, and the toastmaster was John Moore.

1994 (12)

1995 (13)

1996 (14)