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Star Trek Convention
Name: Con-Tiki
Dates: August 19, 1991
Frequency: once
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Type: relax-a-con
Focus: Star Trek & Science Fiction
Organization: some Jacksonville-area fans
Founding Date:
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Con-Tiki was a con in Florida.

Con Report

On August 19th in Jacksonville, FL I had the opportunity to attend a special convention: the very first "Con-Tiki." Friends Chuck and Vel Jaeger drove up with me from Clearwater, and we stayed at the home of [Barbara K]. Thank you again, Barbara. Con-Tiki was also dubbed a "relax-a-con" by its organizers. As there was no star guest, its purpose was to "get lazy" and enjoy the fellowship of the fen. Programming included: role-playing, videos, dealer's room, filking, trivia (Trek Jeopardy), and a fan Guest of honor -- Vel Jaeger. Our Vel spoke on fanzines from the viewpoint of editor, writer, and artist. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. For a first con, Con-Tiki was very well organized -- these Jacksonvillie fans really know how to put on an event. I hope they make this an annual event. There was a down side, however. There seemed to be a negative bias toward STAR TREK V and its director that bordered on cruel. I, as someone who liked the film, felt very much in the minority. My hope is that we do not allow STV to act as a catylist of an irreparable split in fandom. Let us instead demonstrate IDIC in action. After all, if we can make room for ST:TNG, STV should be a piece of cake. [1]


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