Coming Home (Arrow vid)

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Title: Coming Home
Creator: UntilKingdomComeOTH
Date: March 7, 2014
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:45 min
Music: Skylar Grey "Coming Home Pt. III"
Genre: het
Fandom: Arrow
Footage: Arrow Season 2
URL: Coming Home (YouTube)

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Coming Home is a vid by UntilKingdomComeOTH for the Oliver/Sara pairing in the Arrow fandom.

As of October 24, 2014, the video has more than 34,800 views. It is the top viewed Oliver/Sara fanvid so far.

Vidder's note/Summary

"Please don't hate. I'm not here to cause a ship war just to share my Ollie/Sara vid with their shippers. I like Olicity too. If you're gonna hate, do it elsewhere please. Just don't watch it if you don't ship them.
I know no one ships them, but I do so I had to make a quick vid. I think this vid suits them perfectly whether you ship them or not.
I think I officially ship Oliver with anyone;
Felicity: will be uploading an Olicity vid once I have time. they are so cute.
Laurel: I know everyone hates her, but I still like the idea of Lauliver.
Helena: they had a lot of chemistry together and I heard she'll return?
Shado: I think Oliver/Shado made a cute couple as well."


Most reviews are positive, although many comments mention that they do not ship Oliver/Sara. The video, as of October 24 2014, has 263 likes and only 6 dislikes.

Wonderful editing and I love the song choice :)) I wasn't sure how I felt about Sara at first but she's grown on me and I like the pairing. They have great chemistry and everything they went through on the island bonds them together like no one else. I hope she continues as the Black Canary but I have a feeling that Slade will end up killing her. I hope I'm wrong.[1]
Wow, great job showing the parallels between them. They well and truly "get" each other in a way neither of them will ever experience with someone else... they can just be themselves, as dark and damaged as they are, around each other without any fear of being judged. [2]
This was so touching. I have to admit I didn't really like Sara in the beginning, but now I'm growing to love her character. I like how she is with team Arrow :)[3]
this is so incredibly pretty :DD I thought +elepatro and I were the only ones to ship them, happy to see there's at least one other person who does xD

I really like Sara and I think she's the only one who can really understand and see all of oliver, and accept him for everything he is, and viceversa ;) I love Olicity but still more on the platonic side, liked Oliver/Shado too, used to love Lauliver but she's become such a pain in the you know what that her annoying-ness trumps their cuteness for me :p and I don't like Helena - not that you asked any of this but you know. just thought I'd share my ship thoughts xD

again, beautiful video, beautifully chosen song and the voiceover at the beginning just sets the tone for all the video. fantastic job :)[4]
Oh, I loved this! <333 SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Him saying "you can come home" and then this song... Wow, you played out this amazingly <3 Editing and coloring are gorgeous as well! Flawless job, hun!!!!!![5]


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