Come With Me (Star Trek: TOS story)

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Come With Me
Author(s): Natasha Barry
Date(s): 1990
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Come With Me is a Kirk/Spock story by Natasha Barry.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #9.


"While Spock frantically searches for the missing Kirk, Kang, per Klingon custom, takes to sword-bond an intriguing, golden-haired, mind-wiped human."

Reactions and Reviews

Unusual story of Kirk who has lost his memory and is a bond mate/slave (sword-bond in Klingon-ese) to Kang, the Klingon from "Day Of The Dove."

We find out later that Kirk had been captured while on Argellius by Orion slave traders. He was injected with "obedience serum" which caused memory loss. Lots of fine detail such as the serum's "main ingredient is found only on the Orion homeworld."

Even Kang doesn't know who Kirk really is and he calls him "Gress" and is willing to risk disfavor and worse to be sword-bonded with Kirk, Kang is due to go back to the Klingon homeworld, commanding a vessel with his wife, Mara, and he wants Kirk to be by his side. I love it! He wants his wife and his mistress!

Anyway, after I recovered from the shock of finding two pages missing right at that point in the story, there's a flashback to how Kirk was captured.

Kang's growing love for Gress is poignantly shown— we really like this Klingon—he's not of the nasty variety; he's an honorable warrior. This is a wonderful way to portray this character instead of making him the typical villain.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.. .err.. .the Enterprise...Spock is linked with Kirk and misses him like crazy as he searches all over the place, I love this: "His captain. His human (as his father often spoke of his mother)"

Lovely little glimpses of Sulu, Chekov and Uhura on the bridge and nicely integrated into the story.

So Gress gets terrible headaches as the ship nears Federation territory. He doesn't know why, but we know it's because of his link with Spock. Kang is deeply concerned and really cares for his sword-bond mate.

Then Gress by chance activates a screen that shows himself as Kirk. It's very poignant when Kang realizes he has to let his beloved sword-bond go. He says they'll meet again as Klingon and Terran and it'll never be the same.

The whole story was so beautifully built and so richly detailed that the rushed ending was incredibly disappointing. If this isn't a lesson to us about ending our stories, I don't know what is. The exploration of the ramifications of Kirk's return to Spock and the Enterprise could have made this story extraordinary. The ending has wonderful dialogue such as when Spock says; "The study of you has been more pleasurable than science", but it's two pages instead of twenty of gorgeous moments and feelings. Then you can't believe the last paragraph that ends just as Kirk bares himself to Spock, Still worth reading, and maybe being forewarned about the ending will make it more bearable. [1]
In its own way, as intriguing as “Best of Innocence”. Kirk’s absence brings disharmony to the Enterprise. Abduction, slavery, memory blocking drugs, Klingon sword-bond and Spock’s dream all woven into one. Compact, no excess baggage. Very good. [2]


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