Come Morning Light

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Title: Come Morning Light
Author(s): geckoholic
Date(s): 2012
Length: 7927 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: Come Morning Light (AO3)
poster art by quickreaver. Additional art at "Drawing Dystopia...", Archived version

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Come Morning Lightt is a Supernatural fanfiction written by geckoholic for the DC Dystopia challenge. It is a post-season 6 AU focusing on Dean/Castiel with artwork by petite madame and quickreaver. Quickreaver designed the poster and petite madame worked on the soundtrack art.

Summary: He had another one of those dreams last night, the kind that's not about hell but leaves him shaken almost as bad.


The Story

"...this is a beautiful, sad, haunting story. My heart ached for Dean even while I was shouting at them both to let go (surely taking their chances in a compartmentalised heaven would be better than this strange half existence?) Gorgeous fic to go with the gorgeous pics by your talented artists, and don't ever think that the words don't match up to the art - they do!"[1]
"Oh my God. That has got to be the saddest thing I've ever read in all of Supernatural fanfiction. And that's REALLY saying something. Brilliantly done!"[2]
"You know, that's a pretty fucked up story...but I love it. I wasn't sure what to expect when I read it, I was immediately pulled into the story. Then there was such a twist of events that I was very surprised and torn. That was. Awesome. Kudos. KU. DOS."[3]
"Wow, this is fantastic. It's starts out as an atmospheric curtainfic, and then it develops into so much more that it simply took my breath away. I love how you show Cas's more than questionable actions and his somewhat dubious reasons for doing what he does, and how ultimately Dean chooses the illusion, because he'd rather live the lie with Sam than face the truth without him."[4]
"Amazing story. It gave me the shivers. You do a wonderful job of presenting this little bubble of domestic contentment threaded through with unease, and I was on the edge of my seat waiting (and dreading) for it to pop. Your best work was, I think, in the way you handled Sam as an unseen/unheard presence, just as he ought to be in this story. That is amazingly difficult to do as a writer: by including a character who is there but "isn't", you really solidify your spot as a truly special talent. Plus, well, you had to include Sam in a way that sparks a reader's attention but doesn't allow them to question the nature of the world too deeply, and that is another thing that is very hard to do. Because readers are smart! Anyway, you kept me wondering, and thinking. Very well done!"[5]
"So I'm not really into angst and stuff but the summary caught my eye so I strapped myself in and decided to read this, and I really enjoyed it. It was...eerie like when you're alone in the house but you're sure someone touched you or that you heard someone upstairs. I felt really bad for Dean, and for Cas but I understand his reasoning for doing what he did. And I know it's supposed to be sad and stuff but I'm the sort of (weird) person where as long as Dean and Castiel end up together at the end, I'm good. So while everything happening to the world and what happened to Sam was horrible, I'm still happy that at least they have each other in this dire situation. That Castiel was willing to do whatever it took to make sure Dean was safe. I guess I'm a little disturbed that way lol; the world can go to hell but long as Dean and Cas are okay I'm a happy camper haha. Rambling aside I really enjoyed your fic and I hope this review didn't bum you out or anything lol."[6]
"I really liked this one, partially because it wasn't completely dark, but still so creepy. I've read fics like this one before, but they're usually not quite as masterful with introducing the idea that something is slightly off."[7]
"I was hesitant since I'm definitely not in the mood for a darker story, but curiosity won me over and oh my Chuck, it was brilliant. I loved the style with the slow reveal, the hints of it being not-quite-right building up, and they're in such good character it's painful to hear about their fates. And yet, at the same time, I'm happy they got their little slice of paradise, even if it wasn't real. My poor heart is torn between total heartbreak and a bittersweet-happiness."[8]
"Beautiful, chilling, upsetting story. Love it! Ironic that the Winchesters prevent the apocalypse, only to have Castiel bring another one that finally got the job done. Does Dean forgive Cas for destroying the world? Did Sam? Or is this Cas' penance from the other angels, to serve the last man until his end? You've convinced me that Dean would forgive Cas for his role in the death of the world, take a sham world over destruction, even after Sam is killed. I suspect Sam realized what was going on, and chose to fall into the lava and die, rather than live the lie. Maybe that's what makes Dean the 'righteous man', his capacity to forgive and live a lie, for Cas' sake."[9]
"This is just such an unforgettable read. It took my breath away! The imagery and the atmosphere took me completely away to this reality, and the characterization was so precise and written with such compassion for each character and with such meaning relating to their situation that it feels like a direction canon could have easily taken. Someone else commented that it was romantic, and it really was, amplified by the muted horror of the situation, because Castiel was trying so hard to hold this together for Dean, just this. And you took such care with Dean's perspective, showing this sort of messy, devastating cost of the situation that Castiel created, but also how Dean still found something in himself to hold onto and to give back. Everything was crafted in this beautiful understatement that felt so real and sort of final, like this is where they had come to and this was all they had and please don't take this last thing away."[10]
"I cried! I hope your happy aha but seriously, this was extremely sad! The first time dean went up to Sams room and found it empty I wept. So much heartbreak but the premise of this story is fantastic. I have read many fics where the world has already ended and there is only survival camps left but this one I have to say takes the cake. Overall though I think the style of writing is beautiful!! Very melancholy at times, but straight to the point and incredibly effective. Thank you for writimg this:)"[11]

The story was recommended at rec-hymenated:

"This is a very recent fic, written for the dc_dystopia challenge. If dark, twisted fics are your thing, you should check out the rest of their stories. What I love about this one, though, is how it sneaks up on you. I started reading and thought "this isn't bad, this is cute!"- which it is, at the start, and then I got progressibvely more horrified (and delighted) as I read through. One of the other commenters called it 'the darkest, creepiest fic I have read in this fandom', and one can certainly see why. In addition, the imagery carpe_verba paints of Dean's little world is stunning, and both Dean and Castiel are so in-character it hurts. I strongly suggest you go read it, even if dark fics aren't your thing, because there are some really sweet moments to battle the creepy ones. Also, please check out the magnificent art by quickreaver and petite_madame."[12]

Petite Madame's Soundtrack Art

"It's hard to pick out a favourite from this set - I was lucky enough to read the fic in advance doing a bit of last minute beta'ing and it broke my heart. Yours and quickreaver's art is just the perfect compliment to the story - I am so glad one of you did a picture of the beach house, the colours in that are so idylic and rich, and the final B&W picture is the complete antithesis which fits so well. Although I really love your Castiel in both the sofa one and the window one (that tortured/guilty expression) I think the sheer loneliness of Dean in that last one is the best...."[13]
"I am in awe of your work every time! "Imitation of Life" with Dean and Cas is so charming and strikingly beautiful! I am dazzle by Dean's happy smile and Cas serious but oh so Cas look! ^^ Words can't describe how gorgeous you drew them together.... Lovin the leg there XD!!! and the Lies of the Beautiful - T___T So firey intense! Sammy~ I'm curious now on the fic to see what happen there! It will be on my to read list when I find the chance out of my work to. And Don't Dream it's Over is gorgeous! I like how Cas is looking through window. And the brothers hug!!! I luv hug! And don't break the spell, the B/W the concept fits perfectly and makes it oh so dark with the fiery smoky skeleton head ! I knew when you said to wait for the dc_dystopia you said "your glass will be half empty" , your work, it's so intense!~!!"[14]
"Walk on the Ocean: Woah a scenery drawing!? +_+ It feels very peaceful and I admire your patience in painting this, especially with that house and swing!

Imitation of Life: Heeeey I know this one XD Thank you so much for showing this earlier ♥ I love this! The relaxed pose and Dean's sweet smile! I'm amazed by Cas' expression here, he looks scary and Dean doesn't see that look. It's kinda freaking me out, I wonder what's on his mind! I have to go read the fic after commenting on you ladies XD

Hypnotised: Ooh man this is all kinds of awesome! The background is literally explosive, I like it! XD Also, the shiny hair and highlights, things I adore most about your art ^^ ♥

Lies of the Beautiful People: This is stunning and a little disturbing! Poor Sam... >_< Love the fire effect, the blood, and is that burnt flesh on the side of his face? It's really well done! ... poor choice of words? ^^;

Don't Dream It's Over: This one is probably my favorite piece in addition to Imitation of Life! The expression on Sam, the disintegrating effect, and Cas especially looks so nervous (his hands say it too!)

Break the Spell: Oh my, Dean is perfectly drawn... and so sad T-T It's also great to see your de-Saturation concept, it's very clever! ♥

Awesome work once again, dear!!! Can't wait for your RR! ^o^ ♥"[15]
"i have walk on the ocean stuck in my head now. thanks for the earworm. >.< i love the, uh, i guess you could call it the frame for the soundtrack pictures, like they're all photos stuck in a photo album and someone scribbled notes on the pages. i also really love that there's a reason why they go from brightly colored to black and white. (artists' explanations for what choices they made for a picture and why are always really interesting to me.) and the art of course is gorgeous. :D i think my favorite is don't dream it's over, because it's so sad but the disintegration effect is really good."[16]

Quickreaver's Art

"I love the gold hue you chose for the poster and the drawing of the final scene is absolutely fantastic!"[17]
"I beta'd this fic last night - and loved it for it's amazing imagery. I just knew you'd do it justice... Such a melancholy, sad fic and you've managed to achieve that feel in your work, even though you've used all those awesome warm colours. It's very much a sunset not a sunrise, isn't it - for the end of the world."[18]
"The cover is lovely and dramatic looking, with the gorgeous colours, and Dean's beautiful emotional profile. I'm going to be a bad spn fan, tho, and say my favourite part is the stunning sunrise and the grasses in sillhuette."[19]
"Gorgeous work! ♥ I can´t decide which one I like better - the digital painting or the drawing - because both (styles) are great! :)"[20]


In Petite madame's soundtrack art post she writes:
"The dc_dystopia challenge is focused on dark themes and, as you may guess the atmosphere of Come, Morning Light is far from the one of a happy curtain fic. Without being too spoilery, the situation for Dean, Sam and Cas gets darker and darker and I wanted to show the same thing in my art. I lowered the saturation of my drawings from 100% to 0% to create a gradation and went from very bright and vivid colors (Art #3) to a black and white drawing (Art #13). For this matter, I worked in full colors and just used the "saturation tool" of Photoshop to lower the saturation. Here are the drawings in their original colors and size if you are interested."[21]
A few selected samples of her soundtrack art are below.


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