Closer Contact

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Title: Closer Contact
Author(s): galimau
Date(s): 09 June 2019
Length: 4,032 words
Genre: slash/het, dubious consent
Fandom: Alex Rider
External Links: Closer Contact (AO3)

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Closer Contact is an Alex Rider story by galimau.

Summary: SCORPIA doesn't believe in letting potential go to waste. Or: Yassen Gregorovich was young, pretty and under contract for four more years. It would be a shame not to make use of that.

Recs and Reviews

Aka, the story where Yassen Gregorovich takes seduction classes at Malagosto. This hurt so much but it was So. Freaking. Good. I absolutely 100% consider this to be canon. For a story about sex there is really nothing explicit or graphic in it; it’s much more of a psychological look at Yassen Gregorovich in the aftermath of Hunter’s death. He’s a trained assassin at this point, he’ll be fine, right? Wrong. The imagery is poignant, gorgeous, and slightly horrifying and the exploration of power dynamics is superb. Absolutely exquisite. Mature, complete. Takes place right after John Rider’s “death” on Albert Bridge.[1]