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Name: Closer
Date(s): 2003 or before - ?
Archivist: Steffi and Kath
Founder: Steffi and Kath
Type: RPS
Fandom: Lord of the Rings RPS
URL: (Wayback)
Closer-Orlando and Elijah.png
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Closer is an archive and resource page "for any fan of the RPS pairing of Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood."[1] The archivists describe it as "a selective collection of what we feel to be the best fanfiction, art and images related to the pairing."[1]

The site joined the Reflections Meet webring April 30, 2003.[2] Description from the webring:

The premiere resource for Orlando/Elijah fanfiction, images, art and media.

When it was last updated on June 26, 2003, the archive had 93 stories by 42 authors.[3] It also hosted a screencap gallery, several manips, desktops and a few collages, and a video clip that was part of the canon for that pairing.

The Clip. You know the one. London. December 2001. Their eyes meet across the red carpet, and, unable to contain their excitement they run into eachother's arms. Elijah is lifted up by Orlando and automatically wraps his legs around Orli's waist, as if they've always belonged there... ahem. Yeah. Watch it.[4]


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