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Name: Reflections Meet
Date Founded: 24 February 2002 or before
Fandom: Lotrips
Focus: Lord of the Rings RPS
URL: (defunct)
2004 Wayback scan of member list

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Reflections Meet is a "collection of websites featuring Lord of the Rings RPS (real people slash) fiction and pictures."[1]

Member Sites

The site descriptions are by the site owners who added their sites to the webring.

  • Aniron Slash. Join Date: October 20, 2002. It's a slash archive site dedicated mostly to LotR FPS A/L and RPS VM/OB!! Also fanart + photo galleries, multimedia, java games, downloads, etc!! Submit your fanfic or fanart!!
  • Beyond The Fellowship. Join Date: June 09, 2002. The official archive of the Closer_Than_Brothers list, and home of the largest LOTR RPS archive online.
  • Closer. Join Date: April 30, 2003. The premiere resource for Orlando/Elijah fanfiction, images, art and media.
  • DOMinate Me Please!. Join Date: September 08, 2002. LOTR RPS Slash stories by "Elaine", featuring Dominic Monaghan and Elijah Wood, as well as some unrelated fics.
  • Enigma. Join Date: February 11, 2004. A personal archive site for delica's LotR RPS fanfic, mostly Viggo and Sean Bean, with Orlando as well.
  • The Factory. Join Date: March 21, 2002. The Rolling Smut Factory of Epic Proportions -- LOTR RPS slash by Brenda and Val. Smut of all kinds -- PWP to series, angst to fluff, we have it all, including cast members not usually slashed: Karl Urban, Dave Wenham and more.
  • fetish. Join Date: January 16, 2003. mostly unnecessarily angsty... a little bit of fluff. mostly orlijah... a little bit of dominic/billy, and other such things.... yes well. mostly this and a little that.
  • Forehead Space. Join Date: March 31, 2003. Lord of the Rings actor and character slash by Doom's Eyebrow
  • Hobbits In Love Join Date: May 16, 2002. FPS and RPS focusing on the hobbits and their actors. Home of the New{;}Roles (Dom/Lij) series. Part of the Bag-End Inn.
  • Isle of Grace. Join Date: June 12, 2003. Lord of the Rings RPS fiction, links, and story recs.
  • Karelian's Castle. Join Date: November 26, 2002. Karelian's Lord of the Rings RPS, mostly BeanViggo with some Orli on top.
  • Lirimaer. Join Date: October 26, 2003. A fansite dedicated to the LotR slash pairing(s) RPS Viggo/Orlando and FPS Aragorn/Legolas.
  • The Naked Flame. Join Date: May 17, 2002. What you'll find here is fiction by me and a compilation of all my favorite fiction links.
  • Nessa's Slash Fictions. Join Date: February 11, 2004. Home to many good quality FPS and RPS. Featuring Elves and Men and an occasionally Elijah coz he's so darned pretty!
  • Ode to Boy II. Join Date: June 01, 2002. Mostly VigOrli, more coming later
  • Reflections Meet Home Page. Join Date: February 24, 2002. This is the home page for the 'Reflections Meet' WebRing - a Lord of the Rings RPS Ring.
  • Ringspell. Join Date: May 17, 2002. Ringspell is a Lord of the Rings RPS archive focusing on slashing the members of the fellowship, with a little Harry, Dave and Karl thrown in for dessert.
  • Sean/Elijah Archive. Join Date: May 16, 2002. The fiction archive for the Sean/Elijah mailing list - a list for fiction and discussion focusing on the intricate relationship between Sean Astin and Elijah Wood as well as that of Sam and Frodo.
  • Soccer and Shades. Join Date: May 16, 2002. It's a place where I store most of my fics. Has an RPS section, as well as LOTR, Weiss Kreuz and Gundam Wing.
  • Sweet Surrender. Join Date: June 12, 2003. Mainly LOTR RPS, some character slash, Harry potter, and some other miscellaneous fic. I've got quizzes, galleries and live journal icons etc...You can submit your fic to my site. ^_^
  • Unfettered Words. Join Date: February 11, 2004. My small, yet growing, archive of real person slash, featuring Orlando Bloom and Viggo Mortensen. Often hot, sometimes sweet - always well written.
  • untapped beauty. Join Date: October 16, 2002. Herein you will find LotR RPS by Kay, along with slash in a couple of other fandoms.
  • What It Is.... Join Date: March 04, 2002. A whole lot of stories about a whole lot of different people, simply because I'm insane and like to waste my time playing with pretty boys.
  • the Wood in Bloom. Join Date: February 26, 2002. We're small, we're pink, we are meant to be funny.
  • You Will Taste Man Flesh. Join Date: September 26, 2002. RPS featuring the incredibly sexy lads who captured our hearts in LoTR. Also features some movie slash but main focus is RPS. I am a major Dom/Orlando shipper so know what to expect! :)


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