Cities in Dust

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Title: Cities in Dust
Author(s): Cephied Variable
Date(s): 14 April 2011–15 July 2017 (completed)
Length: 42550 Words, 30 Chapters
Genre: gen, het, alternate universe
Fandom: Homestuck
External Links: Cities in Dust on AO3

Cities in Dust on the Homestuck Kinkmeme

Title card by Cephied Variable

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Cities in Dust is an alternate universe mixed media Homestuck fanfiction written by Cephied Variable.

Plot Summary

Cities in Dust focuses on detective Dave Strider and his Legislacerator partner Terezi Pyrope as they attempt to solve a string of murders in a film noir-esque setting. Narrated through Dave's POV, the fanfiction combines characteristic snarky humor with a dramatic overtone.


Cities in Dust is written in the second-person POV style of MSPAdventures. Font choice, text colors, and all simulated video-game-like choices reflect the origin webcomic. The fanficion also includes its own noir soundtrack through in-text links to Youtube. Gifs and still images are also heavily used. The visual aids frequently reveal plot points and shape the setting of the scene.

WIP Status

As of April 2012, the fanfiction has not been updated. However, as of October 2012 the author still wants to finish the fic, but work is difficult due to the status of Dave Strider/Terezi Pyrope in Homestuck canon.[1]

As of March 2015, the author has stated that the fic will likely not be finished, as she has moved away from the fandom. However, she may write a summary of the ending with some art. [2]

The fic was completed in July 2017.

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