Circles of Silence, Images of Truth

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Circles of Silence, Images of Truth
Author(s): Darien Duck
Date(s): 1983
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Circles of Silence, Images of Truth is a Kirk/Spock story by Darien Duck.

It was published in the print zine T'hy'la #3.


"As the second mission begins, Kirk and Spock fall into the same round of misunderstandings and half truths that tore them apart the first time."

Reactions and Reviews

This was a long story (in tiny print), taking place after Vger incident. The dialogue was superficial sounding and awkward—it sounded like a letter Kirk might write, not words that would come out of his mouth They talk and think long, linear paragraphs about their feelings, much too objective and removed and psychologically pat to really be a person's thoughts and feelings.

And things happen artificially, too. The author wants to show them angry at each other, for instance, but it's basically unconvincing, how she leads them there.

Then like halfway through the story, all of a sudden months pass in one paragraph; and apparently, they still haven't gotten anywhere doser physically, though they declared their love months ago. And then a mission or two. what have you, this is like a hundred years later and finally Spock touches Kirk for the first time. They both want it but don't think the other does. They almost start to get dose, in a very long-winded tiresome way. Then a red alert, then more weeks pass.

Then, after all this rambling, long story, she not only doesnt snow them making love, she doesn't even tea us they do. After the fact, we learn they are now bonded. I felt cheated. Tired and frustrated. Then at the end. out of the blue, Kirk saw some guy named Roddenberry about a book. About that footnote. I do like that idea though, the "true story" behind the footnote by the author of "STTMP" about his understanding of the Vulcan concept of "t'hy'la." [1]
At first, the dialogue of this story put me off. Kirk spoke without contractions and it didn’t “sound” right, more like third person prose. But I’m really glad I didn’t allow this to stop me. As I read on, the story progressed so nicely that I soon became involved in the inner struggle Kirk was

having that I forgot all about the stilted quotes. This is a depiction of Kirk that matches the stern, lean young Admiral we saw in TMP. Where’d the personality go? You’ll see as you read this interpretation that it was buried beneath a lackluster life, snuffed out by a loneliness not quite recognized. Kirk has walled himself up more effectively than any Vulcan and, at McCoy’s urging, Spock attempts to draw him out. Unsuccessful, he becomes both angry at Kirk’s stubbornness and aroused at his nearness during a workout. The admiral, aware of both Spock’s and his own response, steams as Spock ignores it and heads for the showers. To himself, Kirk admits, “it hurts like hell that he discarded you so carelessly again. Again? Yes, just like when he went to Gol. He broke through your defenses, got you responding, then left you to pretend you didn’t hurt.” A nice perspective and a pretty revealing admission. Very perceptive on the author’s part. But this isn’t gonna progress to a “quickie” as you might expect from the lead-in. Nope, it progresses through a couple of missions, during which the closeness, the shared interest, the can’t-wait-to-talk-to-you conversations grow and grow. There are some tender, nice moments. As the author points out, while the months pass, Kirk discovers that words are becoming inadequate, he needs to touch Spock. Our Vulcan, in turn, quietly soaks it up, finally venturing a tactile gesture or two of his own. A marvelous opportunity for misunderstanding is introduced, but Ms. Duck skillfully bypasses it, allowing Spock the option of being understanding and tolerant instead. Of course, in the end, the inevitable dual confessions occur and all is well. Kirk and Spock are accepted by Bones (logically) by Starfleet (cautiously) and by Sarek and Amanda (agreeably). The Epilogue, however, is where Ms. Duck’s true genius shines through! Kirk steps into his quarters gently scolding the waiting Spock, “you didn’t warn me what questions he’d ask”. Whereupon we learn that Kirk has just come from an interview with some writer named Roddenberry. The impertinent fellow has asked Kirk if he is aware of the rumors that he and Spock are lovers. Of all things! Kirk relates: “You know, I stared at him with my mouth open ...I’ve never heard any rumors...”. He says Roddenberry needs a footnote and he didn’t think he’d be satisfied with “no”, so “I gave him some line about the seven year sexual cycle not being adequate for me.” At this point Spock chokes on his drink but recovers in time to agree that revealing the truth of their bonded relationship would not have been prudent.

Will you ever read that footnote the same way again? I kinda feel the enigmatic Mr. Roddenberry saw right through them, don’t you? [2]


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