Circle of Fire

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Title: Circle of Fire
Author(s): Suzan Lovett
Date(s): 1989
Genre: gen
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Circle of Fire is a gen Blake's 7 story by Suzan Lovett. It was published in Those Who Favor Fire.


"Packs a wallop in its few pages. This is an a/u version of "Blake.'"

Also See

This fic was published in The Road to Hell and Other Stories with Lovett's other Blake's 7 fics (listed below). All five fics focus on Avon's relationship with Blake, but they take place at different points in canon and portray different versions of events to each other. They are not intended to be read as a series.

Reactions and Reviews

The three wonderful stories by Suzan Lovett (including my alltime favorite gen A-B story, "Ring of Fire") have been reprinted by Judith in The Road to Hell, but it's still worth looking for a used copy of the zine, for the other stories and for the yummy art. [1]
We won't say one word about the plot, to avoid the risk of spoiling - but if you thought 'Blake' was wrenching, this one will get you where it really hurts. Stunning. [2]
The fourth story, "Circle of Fire," is a short alternate version of "Blake" about which, for spoiler reasons, the less said the better, probably. But I *will* say that I found it to pack quite an emotional punch. [3]
And speaking of B7 (which I like to do, for some reason) for anyone who wants to try somewhere near the very best gen that Blake's 7, The Road to Hell - my own very very favourite - is on the web ... The other four stories on the page - Doppelganger, Gemini Rising, Lightbridge (I love Lightbridge, the imagery is so perfect) and the wonderfully *black*angst Circle of Fire - are all among my favourites, but may be more difficult to get the benefit of if you've never seen the show. The Road to Hell takes one of the lesser Series 2 episodes and turns it into something rich, strange and obliquely intense. [4]


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