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Name: Chris Rankin Online
Owner/Maintainer: Lynn C., Chris Rankin
Dates: 29 August 2001 – c. 2009
Type: fansite, official actor site
Fandom: Chris Rankin, Harry Potter
URL: (2002–2009) (2001)
Screenshot of Chris Rankin Online as it appeared in November 2004.
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Chris Rankin Online was a fansite and then the official site for actor Chris Rankin, best known for portraying Percy Weasley in the Harry Potter films.


The site was started as an unofficial fansite by Harry Potter fan Lynn C. on August 29, 2001.[1] In early 2002, the site moved to and became Chris Rankin's official site, stating "We are his official site, and Chris is actively involved in the development of it."[2] Lynn continued to be the site's webmaster, posting most of the site's content and news items. Beginning around late 2004, Chris Rankin occasionally posted some news directly to the site himself.[3]

The site went offline around 2009. Chris Rankin started a new official site at in 2012, though it is also now offline.

Site Content

  • Information about Chris Rankin and his theatre, film, and television roles
  • Copies of news articles about Chris
  • Interviews with Chris, from other sites and exclusively for Chris Rankin Online
  • An image gallery including photos of Chris, images from his stage, film, and TV work, press scans and photos, and Chris's personal photo gallery
  • A fan forum
  • Information about where to send fanmail and how to request autographs from Chris
  • Links to other Chris Rankin fansites, general Harry Potter fansites, and the official sites of Chris's friends and charities
  • A web store, including links to the HP films on Amazon and "smocking gear" from CafePress


  1. ^ The site's "About" page at <> (archived 12 October 2001 by the Wayback Machine) stated:
    "Chris Rankin Online was launched on August 29, 2001 to serve as a resource for fans of Chris' film and theatre work. It is currently the most comprehensive and informative site about him. It boasts a staff of 1. This site is NOT Chris Rankin's official site. We are merely a fan site."
  2. ^ Chris Rankin Online - About at <>, archived 11 June 2002 by the Wayback Machine.
  3. ^ For example, see "DVD Launch and TV Slot", posted 16 November 2004, which begins "I know i don't usually post my own front-page updates, but I thought I'd do this before I forget!..." Chris began posting increasingly more frequently thereafter.