Chosen Ones

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Title: Chosen Ones
Editor(s): Holli Mintzer
Date(s): 2013 or 2014
Medium: ezine
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Language: English
External Links: available as a PDF here
cover by nonasuch
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Chosen Ones is a 20-page meta and art Buffy ezine. It is free to download. It was edited and published by Holli as part of the Dreamwidth community DIYFanzines.

The community profile announced: "We're here to attempt to make fanzines in the DIY mode: rather than big bound volumes of fic, let's try something smaller, more individual and more experimental. Use meta, fanart, and short fic to talk about your favorite fandoms, and soon you'll be master of the long-arm stapler!"[1]


  • Buffy by Miranda Moorhead by Miranda Moorhead
  • The Price of Power: Slayers, Strength, and the Way Out by nonasuch
  • Something to Sing About by Caroline Pruett
  • The Geeky Girl: Why Willow Rosenberg Matters by nonasuch
  • The Very Best: Eff-the World Episodes by Shira Mario
  • The Sunnydale High Library is My Spiritual Home: Is that Weird? by nonasuch
  • art by Emily Forster, Joel M. Casimiro, Kayla Miller