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Pairing: Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson/Miles Matheson
Alternative name(s): Marlie
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Revolution
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: popular
Archives: Charlie/Miles(FFN)
Charlie/Miles (AO3)
Other: Because We're Family
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Charlie/Miles is a non-canon incestual het pairing of Charlie Matheson and Miles Matheson from Revolution fandom.


In the show, they first meet after Charlie's father was killed and her brother was captured by the Militia. Charlie's father, Ben, told her to go to her uncle to help her get Danny (her brother). She does and at first Miles is reluctant to help her, the phrase "Because we're family" became popular to the fandom due to Charlie's reasoning why he has to help her. He does eventually come with her, after she saves him in a fight. On the way to Philadelphia (to save Danny), Miles trains Charlie and they grow closer, but they still go through a lot of ups and downs. Miles becomes very protective of her throughout the first season, and Charlie has too become protective of him as well; neither one leaves the other behind.


Charlie/Miles is a popular het pairing from Revolution that appeared right after the pilot premiered despite the fact that it is a uncle/niece incest pairing. The pairing has remained more as one of the top pairings in the fandom, even as in Season 2 the fandom of the pairing Charlie/Bass grew.

Although the pairing is already incest by them being uncle & niece, a few fans are worried that it would be revealed that Miles is Charlie's biological father due to the Miles/Rachel scenes in the show. This is later canonized with the DC Comics digital comics.

Popular Tropes and Storylines




  • Her Fantasy by flareonfury, rated Teen, She’s fantasized sex before… and gave in to the hormones since puberty hit. However she had never actually fully visualized the man in her fantasies.
  • Your Eyes Forever (Glued To Mine) by yourstar202, rated Mature, In which Ben dies early on, and Rachel brings Charlie and Danny with her when she goes to Miles, and Charlie attaches herself to Miles and he teaches her everything he knows. (AU)
  • Embrace by MidnightDreams261, rated Mature, He saves her life and she begins to see him in a totally different light on their journey to rescue her brother. It's so wrong, so totally messed up and yet she can't help it.
  • What the Water Gave Me by darkling13, rated Mature, He cares about Charlie, sure, but only in the way that any uncle would care about his niece. It’s perfectly natural to feel protective of her, to want to keep her safe, to feel the urge to beat every man who touches her into a bloody pulp. And if his eyes linger too long on her body every now and then, if her smiles occasionally take his breath away, if their touches sometimes last longer than is strictly necessary – well. It’s nobody’s business but his.
  • the beckon to your call by kathrynthegr8, rated Mature.
  • Burning Deep Inside My Veins by mercscilla, rated Teen, They both tried to ignore this 'thing' between them but sometimes all it takes is one look to kill even the best intentions.
  • Playing With Your Sword by evenstar1002, rated Mature, “You have me,” Charlie whispered, almost as if to not break that spell, and Miles didn’t know if the double entendre was on purpose or not. But what else could she possibly mean?
  • She Belongs to Fairy Tales by angelette, rated Teen, Maybe a new kind of fairy tale will be born from their tragedy, a twisted and sick bedtime story of a fading world.
  • Stranger, I Just Came to Get to Know You by forget_the_alias, rated Mature, Miles forgets sometimes. He forgets what it was like before the power went out. He forgets what Monroe was like before that desperate, dark look crept into his eyes, the one that spoke of nights sleeping with one eye cracked open, watching his back while maneuvering forward to conquer every square inch of land without someone’s name spat on it in blood. He forgets Ben’s soft smile, can’t quite conjure it up sometimes. He forgets who he was, what he used to fight for, if he used to win. Charlie says, “I remember you.” And Charlie makes him remember.