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Name: Charles "Charlie" Beckendorf
Occupation: demigod, Former Head Counselor of Cabin 9
Relationships: Hephaestus (father)
Mrs. Beckendorf (mother)
Leo Valdez, Jake Mason, Shane, Christopher Harley (half-brothers)
Nyssa (half-sister)
Aphrodite (stepmother)
Silena Beauregard (girlfriend)
Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
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Charles Beckendorf was the 18 year old demigod son of Hephaestus, in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He was best known as head counselor of Cabin 9 and for his role in the destruction of the enemy ship, the Princess Andromeda, in the fifth book of the PJ&TO series,”The Last Olympian.” Beckendorf sacrificed himself when he blew up the Princess Andromeda, and awaited his girlfriend, Silena Beauregard, in Elysium. He also made an appearance in the companion story, “The Bronze Dragon,” where he must be rescued by Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Silena, and ultimately gets the courage to ask out Silena on their first date.


Silena Beauregard:

Silena was the girlfriend of Beckendorf until he was killed at the beginning of “The Last Olympian.” Beckendorf looked at his picture of Silena before he sacrificed his life. After Silena’s death in the Battle of Manhattan, the two were reunited in Elysium.

Percy Jackson:

The two became good friends when Beckendorf gave Percy relationship advice in “The Bronze Dragon.” Beckendorf sacrificed his life for Percy’s, when he voluntarily blew up the Princess Andromeda, with just enough time for Percy to escape.


In the beginning of the second book of PJ&TO, “The Sea of Monsters,” Beckendorf was one of the only nice people to Percy’s half-cyclopean brother, Tyson, possibly due to the fact that both Hephaestus and Cyclopes have affinities for forging.


Beckendorf(Charlie)/Silena -- Charlena

Fan Fiction

The Copper Bracelet by Cassie’s Neighbor, Kronos' scythe charm wasn't the only bracelet Silena wore. Being a daughter of Aphrodite, Silena can make even the shabbiest objects into fine jewelry. And that's what Beckendorf likes most about her. (2011)

Selena and beckendorf in love before the war by Alice is Extraordinary, A take on Selena and Beckendorf before -SPOILER- they die in the 5th book. Story is during the Battle of the Labyrinth. (2011)


Silena and Beckendorf - SEE YOU AGAIN by Liz Deming (2015)

Fan Art

Charles Beckendorf by Skeetersaid (2012)

The Extraordinary Worlds by annabethisterrified (2013)

Waiting in Elysium by cinash (2013)

[ I Missed You by TheCarmiBug (2013)

Together Forever by Isuani (2013)


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