Chaotic Good: The Umbrella Academy

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Title: Chaotic Good
Author(s): scooteringdinosaur
Date(s): Aug 30, 2020 -
Length: 67 parts
Fandom: The Umbrella Academy
External Links: Chaotic Good | The Umbrella Academy on Wattpad

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Chaotic Good | The Umbrella Academy is a fanfic by scooteringdinosaur for the Umbrella Academy TV series. It focuses on an original female character, Edelyn "Eddie" Hargreeves, also known by the hero name Supernova. The fanfiction has 67 chapters and is divided into two main parts, one for each current season of The Umbrella Academy. The story also contains multiple moodboards that depict the original protagonist.[1]

Edelyn "Eddie" Hargreeves

In their synopsis, scooteringdinosaur describes Edelyn as:

"[...] different. From the moment she was born till the moment she died.

However many times that was.

She was closed off, indifferent to everything around her. She played her cards, and she did it well. She was calm and collected in the face of danger and violence, never getting into fights unless truly necessary. She knew how to pick them and never to throw the first punch."[2]

Edelyn was compared to both Tony Stark[3] and Sherlock Holmes by commenters.


As of March 29, 2021, the book has 145K reads and 4.9K votes.[4]

Reader Comments

"I must say I have never read a book that has a main character with autism, but now reading one it actually made the story quite interesting - in other words I really liked it."[5]
"i love how the author made her have a habit of running her tongue over her teeth. it makes it more interesting and descriptive"[6]


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