Changeling Child

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Title: Changeling Child
Author(s): Katharos
Date(s): 2005
Genre: AU
Fandom: Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Changeling Child is an AU Kawoshin fic by Katharos for the 30_kisses theme "Cradle". It's an AU in which Kaworu Nagisa is raised by a human mother, Rika, in the same town where Shinji Ikari grows up. Kaworu becomes Shinji's friend and protector, and Rika allows Shinji to spend time at their house instead of with his neglectful guardians. Eventually Shinji is summoned by his father Gendo, as he is in canon. When Kaworu learns that Shinji was forced to fight an Angel, he follows him to NERV, with Rika's blessing.

The fic has a sequel, Into the Rose Garden: I’d travel endless miles for you, for the 30_kisses theme "Dash". In Into the Rose Garden, Kaworu arrives at Misato Katsuragi's apartment and consoles Shinji, promising to stay with him no matter what. Katharos had other fills in process for the same series, but they were never posted.


Changeling Child was one of three fanfics listed in the Kaworu/Shinji ship manifesto:

...written for 30 Kisses, and I want more. It's a minor AU where Kaworu and Shinji meet earlier, and it's hands-down the best Evangelion fic I've read.[1]:

Recced by Becky of Fleeting Fancies:

The concept is brilliantly done, making it thoroughly interesting, new, and yet still in the style/feel of the original series, the characters are a little bit different, the relationships just a little bit different (since Shinji and Kaworu met earlier here), yet still so them. But it's also the emotion of the piece, it's that I can feel everything the woman feels, what she goes through, what she must be feeling nearly leaps off the page, the little details of the background world just making the whole thing so vivid and alive. I loved this story and would love to see more set in this universe. *__*[2]

Recced by Leopardus Pardalis:

"This is my favorite NGE story, not only because it's well-written, but also because it's a realistic non-angst Kaworu/Shinji fic.

Be sure to read the second part, Into the Rose Garden: I’d travel endless miles for you.[3]