Fleeting Fancies

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Recommendation Website
Name: Fleeting Fancies
Reccer(s): Becky/beckerbell
Dates: 2001-2019?
Focus: fanfiction and fanart
Fandom: Multifandom
URL: http://fleetingfancies.nokoru.net/; Archived 2019

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Fleeting Fancies is a multifandom fanfiction and fanart rec site run by Becky.


Fleeting Fancies started out on a SlashCity account, but within a few years was consistently exceeding the allowed bandwidth and falling off the air. At this point Hana, the owner of the Nokoru.net website, offered to host Fleeting Fancies. The site continued to expand rapidly.

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Fleeting Fancies covers a very wide range of fandoms, including:

  • anime & manga
  • video games
  • Japanese drama
  • comic books
  • cartoons
  • books
  • RPF
  • live action televisions and movies
  • webcomics
  • original fiction and art

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