Chain Reaction (X-Men fansite)

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Name: Chain Reaction
Owner/Maintainer: Timesprite
Dates: unknown?? - March 28th, 2007, remains open
Type: character fansite
Fandom: X-Men, X-Force
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Chain Reaction is a Domino fansite, although the site has not been updated since 2007, it remains open for viewing.

It is a part of X-Women Ring[1].

Why the site was created

"More to the point, the real reason this site exists is to inform other fans and potential fans, as well as fanfic writers. Basically, it's away to find out more about the character without having to do what I did--namely read almost every Domino fanfiction story out there (this was easier to do than it might be with say... Cyclops.) and buy almost the complete runs of both X-Force and Cable. Not that I regret that in the least, but I digress. Needless to say, I still have to stop and sort out the fiction from the canon history. My hope is that this site will save other people that headache. Which is only fair, since the headaches they get from reading all the information should more than suffice. But, have heart. This could be a Summers family fan site."


  • History
  • Images
  • Quotes
  • Extras
  • Links
  • Updates

Fan Reactions

"What can I say? :) I love it, from the history to the perfectly chosen quotes to the kick-ass captions on the images. Although I must admit I lingered wistfully on the Churchill pics... oh, for the good old days... :) Great job, great page, I'm wearing a great big grin. Incidentally, I do agree with you wholeheartedly about the weirdness concerning the order of her time with the Pack and with the NSA... I love it when Marvel throws consistency right out the window... :)"[1]
"Oooo...a still functioning Domino siet! I'm a sucker for any rarely-mentioned-poorly-used-in-no-way-related-to-the-Summers-nightmare character. (oops, Cable, oh well, moving on) I loved the quotes and the extras section, I hadn't honestly noticed the resemblance between her and Essesx...but now...eww. Anyway, great site!"[2]
"Your site rocks. This is brilliant: so much better than most sites around and I'm so glad I found it! *adds it to her favourites* Keep up the fabulous work here!"[3]


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