Celestial Brush

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Title: Celestial Brush
Editor(s): whitespottedfox and secretotakulove
Type: Art anthology
Date(s): 2018
Medium: Digital
Fandom: Ōkami
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr, Google Drive download
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Celestial Brush: A Nonprofit Okami Fanzine is a charity zine focused "on the characters, places and events" from the video game Ōkami. It contains several full-color digital artworks accompanied by seven haiku.

The free zine is available as a digital download, with the request that readers donate to the charities of their choice:

If you enjoy our zine, please consider helping the world bloom like Amaterasu did and donate to a charity of your choice!

An example of a reputable environmental charity is the NRDC (Natural Resources De-fense Council) which protects endangered nature in the USA.

This project is entirely non-profit and for fun. We are in no way affiliated with Capcom, we just want to spread our love for Okami.

Thanks for reading!



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