Cats in the Dark

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Title: Cats in the Dark
Author(s): Joyce Yasner, Hans Dietrich
Date(s): 1979
Fandom: Star Wars
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"Cats in the Dark" by Joyce Yasner (art by Hans Dietrich) is a 27-page non-explicit het Star Wars story that was published in Timewarp #3.

It is one of the stories discussed in the article, Mixed Grille or will the real Darth Vader please stand up?.

Reactions and Reviews

Undoubtedly the most direct and honest story dealing with Vader as a sexual partner is 'Cat's in the Dark' by Joyce Yasner. Here Vader rescues Kass Eastad, a resourceful and spirited girl, then claims the appropriate reward from her. She reluctantly agrees, but discovers the situation is much less unpleasant than she anticipated. Joyce describes the mechanics in considerable and ingenious detail, but with a saving sense of humor that prevents the story from becoming morbid or maudlin. 'Cats' is unique in facing the physical aspects of Vader's prosthetic equipment and speculating on its effects on his everyday life and sexuality from a sympathetic and positive viewpoint, yet demonstrates a relentless realism. While Joyce's Dark Lord retains his dignity and dry wit, he has none of the mythic grandeur of Maggie's Vader or the chivalric image of Ann Wilson's hero. He is unflinchingly humanized, and is probably the most contemporoary-sounding Vader in fan fiction.[1]


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