Cascade Library Interview with Lyn

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Cascade Library Interview with Lyn
Interviewer: Cascade Library
Interviewee: Lyn
Date(s): April 27, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2009, Lyn was interviewed for Cascade Library.

Some Excerpts

Sadly, I was never inventive enough to come up with a catchy pen name, so I use my real name and write under it in all fandoms.
The very special friendship that Jim and Blair have [is the most interesting thing in gen fiction]. They have a quid pro quo arrangement that is unique to the show. In TS fiction, you can believe that either man would lay down his life for the other. When I'm reading TS gen fiction, Blair's words always come to mind: "It's about friendship."
I was writing fan fiction when I was a little girl, Star Trek, Mod Squad, Combat; I can't not write. It's what wakes me up in the morning and I love the camaraderie of fandom. It was a huge relief to discover there were so many other people out there who love writing fan fiction as much as I do... My first story was a Stargate story called "Cave In." My first TS story was "Hang On." I was terrified. I remember posting it to Sentinelangst and then wishing I could delete it somehow. Thankfully, I received some lovely, kind feedback, which encouraged me to continue. I write in several other fandoms: Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, Starsky and Hutch, The Professionals, Due South and I've just begun dabbling in NCIS.
I love hosting authors on Brothers In Arms and there are more coming soon! We also now have several artists and vidders there too. I also host and handle the TS Storyfinders Archive there and I probably spend at least a couple of hours per week coding and uploading stories or adding monthly archives to Storyfinders. The greatest benefit is that I often get to read all the wonderful TS stories from the Brothers In Arms authors before the rest of the fandom does!
Writing fan fiction is a learning curve; I think I still have much to learn but my early stories were full of fanon clichés and epithets: the detective, the anthropologist. I did think at one point of revising some but decided that, as embarrassing as it can be to go back and read some of those early stories, it's also good to be able to see that I've grown and developed better skills.