Cascade Library Interview with Brenda Bailey

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Interviews by Fans
Title: Cascade Library Interview with Brenda Bailey
Interviewer: Cascade Library
Interviewee: Brenda Bailey
Date(s): March 28, 2009
Medium: online
Fandom(s): The Sentinel
External Links: interview is here; reference link
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In 2009, Brenda Bailey was interviewed for Cascade Library.

Some Excerpts

Since I didn't have cable or any UPN channels in my area, I found the The Sentinel through fanfiction and Kristine Williams was the first author I read. I was a little disappointed to later find that the show was not exactly like her stories. I discovered fanfiction initially through fanzines around 1988. I was amazed at the variety and quality of writing that you could find. After going to a couple of fancons and actually getting to meet some writers I found you could never predict what a writer would be like in real life. Favorite authors involves quite a few names, Kristine Williams, D.L. Witherspoon, Robyn, Jess Riley, Jet, LKY, and Becky to name a few.
I have always created stories in my mind about my favorite characters, so writing them down was a natural progression. I really try to have my stories follow logical possibilities and will argue with myself about whether or not the story would develop the way I'm going. My characters also have no problem arguing with me if they don't agree with the dialogue.
Feedback lets you know that you have managed to share with someone, if even just for a short while, a very small part of yourself. I appreciate comments that go beyond "great story, really enjoyed it," when the reader tells me what it was they enjoyed, ie the dialogue, the plot, the setting ...
Faux Paws Productions asked for volunteers and that's what I did. It was my very first story on the Internet and I learned a lot about writing from the very talented people involved in that project.

"Back to School" was the first story I had ever written for others to read and I was overwhelmed at the response it received. I was a true rookie at writing down stories from my head, no matter how many I had thought up before and had a deadline to meet, too. Once I got over the shock that someone actually enjoyed it, I was ready to do it again in "Road Racer." I hope readers appreciate the subtle humor I try to include in anything I write, I'm not one to dwell on negative emotions and would rather bring a smile, no matter how small, to a reader's face. How do you decide whether to write in a first person POV or third person as a narrator? Do you work with a beta or ever had a writing coach?

I have been accused of writing in first person, third person and a narrator all in one story! I have to watch what I'm doing because when I'm really into a story, I tend to shift based on what action I'm currently viewing in my head. I've never had a writing coach and would probably drive one mad with my switched up style. I prefer to have a beta read anything that is going to be posted because I know I have blind spots in trying to proof my own work. I know what I want to say and a beta helps to point out those leaps of logic I forgot to explain.