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Name: Casa de Ideas, El rincón de las musas (House of Ideas, the corner of the muses)
Date(s): 22 January 2013 – 24 December 2019 (last update)
Moderator: cellyls, elghin, yvarlcris
Founder: yvarlcris
Type: challenge/festival and holidayfic themed
Fandom: multifandom
URL: casa_de_ideas tag at AO3
casa-de-ideas at LiveJournal
casa_de_ideas1 at Twitter
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Casa de Ideias is a multifandom LiveJournal Community for Portuguese and Spanish speaking writers with the aim of helping them to deal with writer's block or WiP processes and also for sharing prompts in case a writer is looking for something special to read but doesn't know how to write it.


Floods of multifandom ideas and help with blocks, the community in Spanish and Portuguese.

This new community intends to find a hand to all those writers who have found themselves with the dreadful blockade, that they need suggestions and that someone has a strong drive to continue with their wonderful works.

Likewise, it is also for everyone who has a mind full of ideas and plots but who do not have time to write them down, or do not like to write but read.

The idea is not to close to anyone in particular fandom, all will be well received.

We hope the community finds it useful!