Carol Ferris

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Name: Carol Ferris
Occupation: pilot, CEO of Ferris Air, villain, superhero
Title/Rank: Queen of the Star Sapphires
Location: Coast City
Status: alive
Relationships: Hal Jordan (love interest), Carl Ferris (father),
Fandom: Green Lantern, DC Comics
Other: appearance reportedly based on Elizabeth Taylor
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Carol Ferris is a member of the Star Sapphires in DC Comics.



Carol Ferris started out the love interest of Green Lantern Hal Jordan and soon became the brainwashed villain Star Sapphire. Modern depictions treat her as a hero, albeit a reluctant one.

Other Media

She has been heavily featured in Green Lantern: TAS and Green Lantern (2011). She also had cameos in the DCAU, Justice League: Doom, and Justice League Action where she played the role of the villain; DC Super Hero Girls where she was a hero; and Green Lantern: First Flight, Justice League: The New Frontier, and Young Justice where she only appeared as a civilian.


An early article about Carol in The Heroine Addict zine from 1975.

She is most often shipped with her canon love interest, Hal Jordan.




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