Captain's Log (Star Trek: TOS zine by the Star Trek United Federation of Fans)

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Title: Captain's Log
Publisher: Star Trek United Federation of Fans, out of Miami
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Captain's Log is a gen Star Trek: TOS newsletter issued by Florida's Star Trek Federation of Fans.

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V.1 N.5

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V.2 N.3

V.2 N.4

cover of v.2 n.4

Captain's Log v.2 n.4 was published in late May 1976 and contains 12 pages.

  • includes a club calendar for June 13-July 11
  • ads for Trekcon 76 and The South Florida Star Trek and Science Fiction Convention
  • no club meeting would be held in May and June due to Trekcon and Maycon
  • "Last issue we advised you to write Channel 6 to get them to air the Outer Limits. Well, there's a new development, WKID 51 UHF is showing it at 12 midnight on Sundays. Please call them and ask if they could change the show to an earlier time slot. Telephone number is 620-5700."
  • a full-page comic strip by Richard Achhamer
  • a Star Trek quiz, deadline for entries is June 10
  • a roster of club members whose dues are up, and a list of new members
  • a long synopsis of the movie "Black Sunday," which was to be released in December 1976
  • a three-page flyer for STFF's first con:
    Be sure to attend Miami's first Star Trek convention sponsored by the Star Trek Federation of Fans, the nation's largest Star Trek club! It'll be a special two-day convention, filled with showings of the very best Star Trek episodes and science fiction features, doorprize drawings, top dealers in Star Trek souvenirs and comic books, all at the air-conditioned, comfortable facilities of the Washington Federal Bank in North Miami Beach. Plan to join us both days for a great weekend of Star Trek and science-fiction entertainment -- it's just the first in a series of dynamite conventions organized by the Star Trek Federation of Fans!! This convention is not associated with any other conventions held at this same location.

V.2 N.5

Captain's Log v.2 n.5 was published in 1976 and contains 16 pages. NOTE: This issue is undated, but everything within it suggests it was published the end of June 1976. This means the "v.1 n.5" on the front is likely to be a typo and it was really v.2 n.5.

cover of v.2 n.5 (mislabeled as "v.1 v.5")
  • "Your Blood Will Help," an article about a young fan recovering from a fiery car accident (happened the first week of June 1976), requests volunteers to give blood
  • personal fan updates
  • an announcement about a twelve-hour convention at the Holiday Inn by the Miami International Airport: several Star Trek eps will be shown, as will Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Maverick, and Wild Wild West episodes. The 25-minute 3rd season Trek bloopers will be shown for the first time along with bloopers for the first two seasons.
  • a short con report about Trekon 76 which includes two photos of guests at a room party ("... by far the best national convention since Miami-con 1, in respect for film schedule, attitude by the staff, helpers, and guests, and overall atmosphere. Guest George Takei and James Doohan both agree that it was very enjoyable for them and everyone in attendance. A party given for all members of the staff and helpers showed that this is what Star Trek is all about, because while other conventions prefer not to have [their] guests thank their helpers with parties, Trekon 76 went all out to show them their gratitude. A lot of kids donated their time when they could have been enjoying the many activities.")
  • an announcement for a Star Trek con in South Dade, Florida ("This is for all you people who have been trekking north to go to all the Star Trek cons. Al and I are putting on our 1st South Dade Convention, August 15th. Our location is just off of the New South Dade Turnpike which goes through to Homestead... We will have 2 great feature films, plus 3 Star Treks, and a surprise TV show. There will be some great door prizes awarded, and some items which we will give away. Because this location permits, we will have Cokes, Hot Dogs, and Pizza at popular prices. We'll see you down south. -- Paul Cordsmeyer")
  • STFF is also doing a mini-con at the Washington Federal Building in North Miami Beach on July 24-25, 1976. Admission is $2.00 a day, $1.50 for current club members. There will be door prizes, "plenty of fun," and 20 Star Trek eps, plus five other TV shows and feature films.
  • a roster of club members who fees are due, and a list of new members
  • this issue has some reprints of Star Trek publicity photos
  • a October 1975-June 1976 club financial statement
  • a club calendar of activities taking place in July
  • two flyers for mentioned cons
  • a flyer for The Space Transit Planetarium's Hyperspace Production of "The Cosmos of Inver-Flex"
  • a one-page fan-drawn Trek comic strip, not credited

V.3 N.1

V.3 N.2

V.3 N.3

cover of issue v.3 n.3, J. Holmes

Captain's Log v.3 n.3 was published in May/June 1977 and contains 18 pages. The cover artist is J. Holmes.

  • articles on Star Trek bloopers, Space 1999
  • reprint of a Trek-inspired "Funky Winkerbean" comic