Canon Arya Stark Appreciation Week

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Name: Canon Arya Stark Appreciation Week
Date(s): 2017 - 2018
Moderator(s): canonaryastark
Founder: canonaryastark
Type: Meta, gif sets, fan art, fan edits
Fandom: Game of Thrones
URL: canonaryastark, Archived version
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Canon Arya Stark Appreciation Week was a prompt based fanweek challenge created to celebrate Arya Stark's book canon storyline and in reaction to perceived character changes on Game of Thrones.

I chose this day for the same reason I created the appreciation week: because tomorrow’s episode is going to generate a lot of negativity and vitriol against Arya, and I wanted to combat that with appreciation for her actual character and storyline(s)[1]

Multiple types of fan works were accepted, they had to concentrate on Arya Stark and her A Song of Ice and Fire book series storylines or the television show that was adapted directly from book canon.



  • Day One: Favorite quote of/about Arya Stark
  • Day Two: Favorite familial relationship
  • Day Three: Animal symbolism
  • Day Four: Foreshadowing related to Arya
  • Day Five: Arya’s kindness and compassion
  • Day Six: Favorite friendship
  • Day Seven: Arya’s connection to the North


  • Day One: Elements
  • Day Two: Black and White
  • Day Three: Death
  • Day Four: The Big Five
  • Day Five: Religion
  • Day Six: Historical/Literary Counterparts
  • Day Seven: Supernatural