Can't Help Falling

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Title: Can't Help Falling
Creator: Jenny Jo
Date: 2007
Length: 12.3MB
Music: "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Richard Marx
Genre: slash, Brian/Justin
Fandom: Queer As Folk (US)
URL: offline

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"Can't Help Falling" is a Queer As Folk (US) vid by Jenny Jo. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Brian/Justin.


This vid was reviewed by Paraka on the reel vidding community on April 1, 2007:

Overall impression: A slow moving Brian/Justin love vid.

Titles: The titles where normal, nothing wow about them, but nothing overly wrong with them. During the ending credits there was some excessive spacing between some of the lines that should have been together, but fine otherwise.

Music choice: Slow moving romantic song, for a schmoopy vid.

Narration, Tone and Movement: The movements were ok, there were one or two that felt a tinge off beat to me, but it’s such a slow beat it wasn’t too bad. The audio sections were relavent and weren’t distracting.

Cuts, Transitions, Effects & Colouring/Coloring: Nice subtle transitions between shots.

Specific vid & music notes: I haven’t really much to say about this vid, technically everything’s fine. Nothing stood out or caught my eye. It acheives it’s storyline of love, but it’s such a simplistic story line, there isn’t much I can say about it. It’s no where near a bad vid, but it doesn’t do much to distinuish itself from the hundreds of other Brian/Justin love vids. I’m actually very impressed for a first attempt technically, but for a vid catch my interest, it generally needs a bit more of a story line. Yes Brian and Justin love each other, but they’re not Michael and Ben, or Ted and Emmett, the reason why we love this couple so much is because they struggle with their love, and while it’s nice to put those plot points of the show aside and just watch the love, it doesn’t hold people’s interest nearly as much. I think this vidder has a lot of potential, but this first vid, due to it’s choice of story line leaves me feeling a little bleh about it all.

Final notes: Simplisticly sweet, and technically well done.