Camelot Be Prepared

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Title: Camelot Be Prepared
Creator: solign
Date: 09 March 2009
Format: digital vidding
Length: 4:03 min
Music: Be Prepared (The Lion King)
Genre: gen, humor, ensemble
Fandom: Merlin
Footage: S1
URL: Camelot Be Prepared (YouTube)

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The Great Dragon telling Merlin about his plans.

Camelot Be Prepared is a Merlin vid by solign (4:03 min). It has the subtitle Camelot' Villains, part 1....

The Great Dragon is the leader of Camelot's villains and wants to be king. He is also the narrator of the vid -- featuring some great lip synching -- and tells everyone to prepare for Uther's death. Most of the villains from season 1 appear, including Morgana and Merlin.

Vidding notes: "This is one of two videos dedicated to the villains of bbc's Merlin. Now, before any of you say anything, I am more than well aware that Merlin is not evil. His appearance in this video is just to highlight the fact that he recognises what a benefit to him it would be to have Uther dead, although, we all know he would never do it himself..."


  • "Its great how well the Slash Dragon's speech fits the song." (bluechupacabra)
  • "Oh mighty slash dragon! This is the first time I've seen him in a major role! And he was excellent! ^^" (myrmidryad)