Callisto's Dirty Stories

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Name: Callisto's Dirty Stories
Date(s): 1998 - 1999 or later
Archivist: Tim Wellman
Founder: Tim Wellman
Type: f/f, m/f
Fandom: Xena: Warrior Princess
URL: (1999)
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Callisto's Dirty Stories was a small archive with "ADULT fan fiction stories involving Callisto, and a cast of many: Lesbian, Hetero, and mixed stories, ranging from the mildly romantic to 'melt-your-teeth' intensity."[1]


'R'=Romantic | 'X'=Explicit | 'H'=Heterosexual | 'L'=Lesbian | 'G'=Group (or mixed) 

The Treasure by Tim Wellman (XLG) Xena and Gabrielle go in search of a treasure in a cave and find the cave occupied by Callisto and Aphrodite. This is a very explicit lesbian group story.

Blonde On Black by Tim Wellman (XH) Callisto has escaped and is busy raiding villages when her warriors discover Joxer camped nearby. This is a more involved story, but does have explicit heterosexual sex scenes.

Callisto: Insurrection by Lisa Jain Thompson (L) This is a clever cross-over story that has Callisto going from Tartarus to deep space and being beamed aboard a starship. The story contains a lot of flirting and a somewhat explicit scene at the end.

Driblets by Tim Wellman (XL) This story takes place between the Herc ep., Surprise and the Xena ep., A Necessary Evil. It involves only Callisto, and contains an explicit, and somewhat odd masturbation scene.

Truth Or Dare by CN Winters (XL) This wonderfully erotic tale is a mythical 'missing scene' from A Necessary Evil. It involves Callisto and Gabrielle, and contains explicit lesbian sex.

That Winning Spirit by Tim Wellman(XL) This is an odd, rather involved story about Callisto returning as a spirit to enjoy her favorite pastime... pursuing Xena. Contains an explicit lesbian sex scene.

Friends, Enemies, Lovers by T.Novan (XLG) This is a terrific story which has Callisto snatching Gabrielle away and taking her to a cabin, then inviting Xena. It is an involving story, which contains explicit lesbian group sex.

Victim Of The Game by Tim Wellman (XG-mixed) Callisto seeks the one thing she desires: oblivion... but Hope and Ares have other ideas. Story contains explicit heterosexual and lesbian group sex, and S/M.

Chained Heart by Chris M. (XH) Callisto meets Hercules... and Hercules loses. But he doesn't complain too much. A great story with a nice portrayal of Callisto at her best. The story contains explicit heterosexual sex.

A Night At The Inn by Klancy7 (XL) A dark, erotic story, wonderfully written, about Callisto, Gabrielle, and a night at an inn. Contains explicit rape/pleasure scenes

Submission In a Strange World by Chris M. (XL) A great story, long and well written, that takes place in the alternate universe discovered on recent Herc eps. Contains explicit lesbian sex.

Fire and Ice by Nemesis Girl (XL) A wonderful story pitting Callisto and Discord against each other... and they both win :-) Contains explicit lesbian sex.

Callisto's Love Puppy by Julia Donnelly and Ellie D. (X*) An amazing romp where every character winds up getting fucked or fucking or both :-) No better way to put it. Contains Joxer, Ares, etc... and is explicit lesbian, het, and gay. The * above means that I don't even have catagories for some of these things :-) A great read!


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