But Never Parted

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: But Never Parted
Author(s): Dread Nought
Date(s): 2001
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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But Never Parted is a Kirk/Spock story by Dread Nought.

It was published in Festival and as part of an early online challenge.


"When Starfleet finds out they are lovers, Spock is forced to transfer to another ship until Kirk can figure out a way for them to be together."

Reactions and Reviews

"But Never Parted" by Dread Nought is a nice 38 page story in this netzine. When I got FESTIVAL, I immediately reed stories by the two authors I knew I would like and then just picked this one out to read by chance. I was not disappointed in it. This is a very good story with a lot of twists and turns in it that keep you guessing.

Basically, the problem is that this alternate universe is fairly bigoted and the fact that Spock is Vulcan and a male makes it hard for him and Kirk to be bondmates. Plus there is the problem of married couples on the same ship. There is a First Earther movement which has gained power and is against aliens. Ifs sad to say, but ifs probably true that there will indeed be as much prejudiceinthe futureas there is here today.

Anyway, the story reads very smoothly and entertainingly. I liked this story a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. If this is typical of Dread Nought (and I have no clue), then she's a very good writer. [1]
Dear Dread Nought, Hello! My name is [name redacted], a card carrying Trekkie, and long time K/S devotee. Ijust wanted to write and thank you for writing "But Never Parted", which I read in Jenna Sinclair's fanzine, Festival.

I usually read a K/S story (or two or six) before I go to sleep, and this morning (unfortunately, it was at 5 am when I finally got around to tucking in for the "nighf') I had the great fortune to read your story.

Oh, my! Wow! What a great story. I sure hope I didnt wake up my next door neighbor (apartment living is fun), by all the loud laughing, guffawing, and general merriment I was expressing as I read your story. I laughed because I was tickled by the richness of the writing, the great humorous situations you set up—within the incredibly dramatic and emotional plot frame, no less—and the wonderful dialogue you created.

I loved what Spock was thinking, "...after all, if in the end it doesn't work, people die, ships explode, bad things happen." I tried to picture what the BAD things could be if wasnt people dying and ships exploded, and just lost it. Wonderful.

Finnegan meeting Spock. Inspired. Kirk waking up in sickbay to see Finnegan. Marvelous. The female Vulcan, D'Winh, asking Spock if he might be interested in" casual physical intercourse."

It was also interesting reading the story and noting that it had a "British" flavor—UK or Canada? More UK, I think. There were several concepts that were definitely not "American", and I do tend to think of the crew (the Non-Vulcan, that is) as being "American" - (I'm a culturalist?)

Just to let you know, I cc'd Jenna and Shelley, in case they would be interested posting my comments in the K/S Press, and Jenna and Dusky as editors deserve to know that their efforts, and your creation, are appreciated.

So, now I would like to ask—what else have you written? Where can I find it? And please write more and soon! Thank you for a very enjoyable read!...

OH -- PS: I loved your pen-name: dread nought -- a clever pun. Also -- Kirk's wound -- Am I taking too much inference by your title that Kirk was "parted" in two? You had Taylor taking the Captain's shoulders and Biggs taking the legs... just curious! [2]
Before it was a love story, TOS was about adventure. This is both. It is about how two men have learned to manage their love for each other even when facing danger head-on. That is, until Starfleet decides the rumors are true and Spock is given another assignment. Short-lived, Kirk promises, even as he prays it’s true. There is pain at this unexpected and unwanted parting, but not the overwhelming anguish we sometimes see – in the reader’s mind this may be due to Kirk’s unfailing optimism. Don’t mistake me, the loving is well articulated. I found this story to contain a lot of what I would presume to be realism. I say “presume” because I have never served in the military nor have I been aboard a starship. The author’s version of what takes place in such a setting certainly seems realistic to me and adds a wonderful flavor to the mix. Kirk’s acclimatizing to new crewmembers in Spock’s place, and Spock learning to adapt to an all Vulcan ship are both interesting and keep the plot moving.

When Enterprise encounters alien ships with unknown and superior weaponry, things get very dicey very quickly. The action when the Enterprise boarding party encounters the enemy face to face, is especially attention-getting.

Once again, love rises above adversity and forces of another type come to the front. Is there a more powerful force than love? The conclusion is very rewarding and is a worthwhile payoff for the tension the characters and the reader have endured. [3]
I’m very impressed by the level of this author’s prose. Her plots are intricate, detailed, exceptionally well written and full of affection for Kirk and Spock.

Characterizations and dialogue are very much on target. She even has a masterful grasp of humor. This particular offering deals with attempts to separate our guys because they have broken the non-fraternization rule, and boy, have they! An added bonus: one delicious description of a Vulcan bonding ceremony.

I’m glad this author now writes for zines. [4]


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