Buckaroo Banzai FAQ

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Name: Buckaroo Banzai FAQ
Owner/Maintainer: Sean Murphy and Chris Wike
Dates: 1996-present
Type: FAQ
Fandom: Buckaroo Banzai
URL: website
Buckaroo Banzai frequently asked questions
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Buckaroo Banzai frequently asked questions is an FAQ focusing on all things related to the cult film Buckaroo Banzai (1984) and its fandom. It began life as two separate FAQs created by Chris "Arclight" Wike and Sean "Figment" Murphy, which were later combined into one.

The FAQ is a minimalist hand-coded HTML website dating back to 1996. (If created in more recent times, it might have been launched as a Wiki. It carries similar content, though without the functionality of tagging, etc.)

After some initial graphics and links, the home page becomes a long list of questions, each then answered on separate pages. The two "Most Frequently Asked Questions" are listed as:

  • What exactly is the watermelon doing there?
  • Was Jamie Lee Curtis in the Buckaroo Banzai film?

These are indicative of the content covered, and indeed the nature of the whole Banzai project. The watermelon refers to a brief scene in the film which tantalizes us with an unexplained watermelon located in the Banzai Institute labs. The query re actor Jamie Lee Curtis hints at all the rigmarole that surrounded the making of this film. (She was cast as Buckaroo's mother, but the relevant scenes were cut from the film's theatrical release. They are now available on the DVD releases.)

This cult film is still beloved by its loyal following, who have been teased over the decades with hopes for sequel films, a TV series, sequel books, a soundtrack release, and so on - none of which have ever quite eventuated. We do have comic books, though they are now hard to find. All these trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs are documented on the FAQ. Also included are interviews and snippets of info found elsewhere, along with scanned PDF copies of early newsletters and zines, both official and fan-produced - making this an excellent resource.

Creators W.D. Richter and Earl Mac Rauch love the film as much as the fans do, and have always cooperated with fan requests for interviews, which you'll find here. The official newsletter is still a going concern, though it has gone through many editorial hands over the years.

To conclude: This is a fannish one-stop shop for all things Banzai!