Bringing Up Baby

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Title: Bringing Up Baby
Author(s): oxoniensis
Date(s): 02 March 2009
Length: 2,558 words
Genre: De-Aging
Fandom: Merlin
External Links: Bringing Up Baby (LiveJournal)
Arthur with baby!Merlin, art by trolleys (2009)

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Bringing Up Baby is a short Merlin story by oxoniensis.

Summary: "One minute Merlin's there, riding (like a sack of turnips) next to Arthur. The next— It's a very good thing Arthur has good reflexes."

In this story Merlin is temporarily turned into a baby and Arthur hides him in his room to take care of him. As a baby, Merlin of course doesn't hide his magic and this is how Arthur finds out.

trolleys made fanart for the story that shows Arthur and baby Merlin.[1]

Recs and Reviews


  • "Arthur, Merlin. OneShot. Something's happened to turn Merlin into a baby. Arthur's never particularly cared for babies..."[2]
  • "Oh goodness. I don't think I stopped giggling throughout this entire story. Hilarious! One of the best laughs I've had in a while. Baby Merlin is positively adorable and Arthur's reaction is positively priceless!"[3]
  • "I loved the scene with the food and the image of Arthur rocking baby!Merlin made my heart melt! Also, this has to be one of the most unique ways for Arthur-finding-out-about-the-magic that I have read. Really fun and wonderfully angst-free."[4]


  • "Chubby baby Merlin being held affectionately by Arthur whose shoulders look amazingly sexy."[5]
  • "I love Merlin's bright eyes and sticking-out!ears and Arthur's soft expression while still being so very much Arthur!like."[6]
  • "That is just the most adorable sight! Especially the way Arthur's cradling Merlin's head, and Merlin grabbing at Arthur's chin and his chubby little grin. Gorgeous!!!"[7]


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