Bridger's Fleet

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You may be looking for Bridger's Folly.

Title: Bridger's Fleet
Publisher: Martha Berry
Editor(s): Martha Berry
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Bridger's Fleet is a gen SeaQuest anthology.

  • The Captain's Party, by Pam Miles.
  • Smooth Rocks, by Pam Miles and Diane Kachmar.
  • All That Glittered Was Not Gold, by Rachel Brody.
  • The Hologram, by Mary Martha Berry.
  • Christmas Past and Christmas Present, by Karal A Black.
  • The Heart Knows (see below), by Diane Kachmar.
  • Smuggler's Game, by Mary Martha Berry.
  • Split Ends, by Deanna Toxopeus.
  • Scrapbook, by Mary Martha Berry.
  • Ghost of a Chance, by Deanna Toxopeus.
  • Ruminations, by Rachel BrodyLike Thirst for Water, by Paulina Braiter.