Breathe You In

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Title: Breathe You In
Creator: Holdt
Date: November 2010
Format: digital vid
Length: 4:35
Music: Halestorm - Familiar Taste of Poison
Genre: slash, Jack/Daniel, angst
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Footage: TV episodes, external source: Dante's Cove
URL: Breathe You In by Holdt

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Breathe You In is a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel vid by Holdt.

Vidder's Summary

Jack is more disturbed than he lets on about how Daniel always seems to find admirers in the worst situations, and in the middle of a conversation he finds he cant hold his tongue. He lashes out, despite the fact that this time, Daniel was under the influence of an alien device.

Daniel tries to explain, but Jack doesn't want to hear any more excuses - his pride and his fear that he's is too old /Daniel doesn't really want him choke any kindness down.

They separate, Daniel moves back into his old apartment, and in day to day life, they try to act as though nothing is amiss.

However, neither can stop thinking of the other, or of how desperately they miss each other, and their thoughts always go to the one time they were able to take advantage of downtime to actually be together.

Awards & Reviews

Always Holding On, 2010 - Round 27: Best Unconventional Couple

Galadriel Awards, 2010 - Round 1: Best AU, Best Video, Best Relationship, Most Original Vid, Best FX Runner-up, Best Idea Runner-up

Ultimate Universe Awards 2010 - Round 38: Best Storyteller, Best Tearjerker Runner-up

Broken Road Video Awards 2011 - Round 22 (TV Bracket) Best AU Runner-up

Bound to Happen Awards 2011 - Round 10: Best Atmosphere, Best Angst Runner-up

Forever Awards 2011 - Valentine's Day Challenge: Best Editing, Best Lyric Use, Best Romance, Best Overall Use of Song, Best Storyline Runner-up

Fandom Mania Awards 2011 - Round 20: Best Music Runner-up, Best Tearjerker Runner-up, Most Creative Runner-up

Myths and Demons Awards 2011 - Round 25: Best Angst Runner-up

No Rest for the Wicked Awards 2011 - Round 5: Point of View Runner-up

Review: "Matching the music, the rhythm and the shots appear so easy in this video, making Jack and Daniel say things that never happened in the show was made so effortlessly; it's a wonder it did not happen officially." - Judges @ No Rest for the Wicked Awards.

Visions in Video Awards 2011 - Round 15: Judges Choice, Best AU, Best Unconventional Couple, Best Drama Runner-up, Most haunting Runner-up

Driver Picks the Music Vidding Awards 2011 - Round 42: Most Original Runner-up, Best Angst Runner-up

Screened at: 2011 Escapade 21 Vidshow, 2011 Revelcon 22 Vidshow

Winner of 2011 Gatefic Award (Jack/Daniel slash vid)- Best Angst, Best Romance