Breaking Orbit

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Name: Breaking Orbit
Owner/Maintainer: Nicola Mody
Dates: ~2002 – October 2011 (last update)
Type: fanfiction, essays, information
Fandom: Blake's 7
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Breaking Orbit is a Blake's 7 fansite and the personal website of B7 fanwriter and artist Nicola Mody. It contains transcripts of the B7 BBC radio plays, quotations, humorous 'Strange Facts' about the show and a links list. The site also archives Nico's Vila-centric fanfiction, fanart, essays and convention reports.

It remains online as of November 2015 and has been redesigned and rehosted in the same month with some new stories added.


  • Gillian F Taylor recommends the site, describing it as: Nicola Mody's excellent site - good stories and other entertaining bits and pieces. I love the Blakes 7 in the style of The Simpsons.[1]
  • Delta Dome links the site, describing it as Nicola Mody's fanfic - also mostly centered around Vila.[2]


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