Borderlands (Sime~Gen cooperative fic)

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Title: Borderlands
Creator: Mary Lou Mendum, John Cowan, M. Alexis Pakulak and Beverly Erlebacher
Date(s): 2003-2010
Medium: online
Fandom: Sime~Gen
External Links: online: Borderlands SG RPG Index, Archived version
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Borderlands is a Sime~Gen role-playing, cooperative series of inter-connected stories. The most recent posted story was in 2010.


Drama! Pathos! Humor! Romance! Culture Conflict! Nageric Attraction! Tropes! Archetypes! Literary Allusions! INTIMATE ADVENTURE!!!

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a Sime or a Gen? Are you going into attrition waiting for some new S/G material to read?

Several years ago, a group of intrepid fans got together in an IRC chat room and adopted one or more Sime or Gen personae. As the characters began to interact, a story began to emerge, and it took on a life of its own. Since then, fans have played in a good half dozen different scenarios, generating spontaneous, cooperatively written fiction.

Unlike traditional roleplaying games, there are no dice or game master: plot twists are arrived at in a cooperative fashion through discussions between the players. New characters are generated as the story demands, to create problems or situations for existing characters to solve. The result is an ever-changing cast of three-dimensional characters, who seem to take on lives of their own.

The currently active scenario, called Borderlands, begins in Gen Territory about 35 years after Unity. A sudden snowstorm stops the trains, stranding a channel diplomat and his Donor in the insular small town of Gumgeeville. The consequences of that one event are still multiplying as the game continues.

Current participants include Mary Lou Mendum, John Cowan, M. Alexis Pakulak and Beverly Erlebacher. [1]


  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Stranded in Gumgeeville
  • Part 2: A Sec Pair at the Ford
  • Part 3: The Next Month at the Ford
  • Part 4: Hajene Marvin's Big Adventure
  • Part 5: The Repercussions
  • Part 6: Spring Fever
  • Part 7: Strangers in Strange Lands
  • Part 8: Changeovers and Consequences
  • Part 9: Travel Broadens
  • Part 10: Tracking the Wild Gen
  • Part 11: Stalking the Wild Gen
  • Part 12: Taming the Wild Gen
  • Part 13: General-Class Donors
  • Part 14: Technical-Class Donors
  • Part 15: Healing Old Wounds, Finding New Hope
  • Part 16: How the Other Half Lives
  • Part 17: Preparing for Disaster
  • Part 18: Disaster Strikes
  • Part 19: A Walk in the Woods
  • Part 20: Healing the World
  • Part 21: Physicians Across Borders
  • Part 22: Plans and Promises
  • Part 23: Dancing Around The Problem
  • Part 24: The Future According to Marvin
  • Part 25: Fall of a Senator
  • Part 26: Mr. Ambassador
  • Part 27: Going to Nivet
  • Part 28: Fantasies and Realities
  • Part 29: Rundles in the Jungle
  • Part 30: The Rising Generation
  • Part 31: Till Death Do Us Part
  • Part 32: On the Run
  • Part 33: What's Yours Is Mine
  • Part 34: Compromising Situations


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