Book of Memories

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Title: Book of Memories
Creator: Agent Spooky
Date(s): 2003
Medium: print scrapbook
Fandom: Smallville
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photo of the scrapbook cover

The Book of Memories is a handcrafted scrapbook documenting the fictional engagement and marriage of Smallville's Clark Kent and Lex Luthor and the first, at some times rocky, year of their marriage. Only two copies were made.

Creator Agent Spooky describes the scrapbook concept:

Back in 2003 a promo photo [of the Smallville actors] came out and my friend looked at it and said, "That looks like an engagement picture!" Thus the seed was planted. What resulted was a massive project that took me months to create - a 50 page scrapbook that was basically a Clark/Lex fanfic story. It was set a few years in the future, a year before Clark was going to graduate from Metropolis University, and how he and Lex got engaged, then married, Clark starting as a reporter at the Daily Planet, and his struggle with how to tell Lex about his powers and abilities.
I wrote or created everything in this scrapbook - all of the journal entries, the newspaper articles, the gift registry page, the wedding vows, the wedding guest pages, the invitations, and tons and tons of photos - ALL of it. Like I said, it took me months, but to this day I am still so damn proud of it.
I wound up making two of these and entering them in two different art shows/auctions at ZebraCon and MediaWest. I won awards at both shows and made over $800 from the auctions. [1]



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