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Title: blue monday
Creator: voordeel
Date: Dec 15, 2019
Format: Digital
Length: 1:33
Music: Blue Monday (remix)
Genre: Gen
Fandom: Star Wars
Footage: Star Wars, Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars Sequel Trilogy
URL: YouTube

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blue monday is a Star Wars vid by voordeel. It became well known for it's editing and how it set light saber battles to music. Shortly after it's release it went "viral", receiving over 20,000 likes on Twitter, and 60,000 notes on Tumblr. As of June 2021, the vid has garnered more than 1.6 million views on YouTube.

Reactions and Reviews

Media Reviews

As always, fan edit videos live and die by the quality of their edits. It takes the right combination of footage, a sharp eye for the edits - but the truly great videos also have clear thematic lines, as well impeccable bridges between sounds effects and dialogue samples. Bottom line: this video nails all of the above, which is why it has been so instantly popular within the fandom.
Star Wars Skywalker Saga Gets Epic Trailer With WW84 Music by Kofi Outlaw,
it’s just cool as heck how the lightsaber clashes and blaster fire match perfectly with the beats. This is a really solid piece of editing, and when you watch it, it just feels like it was always meant to be.
Latest STAR WARS Mashup is Set to WONDER WOMAN 1984’s Trailer Music by Eric Diaz,
While it might seem impossible to sum up the greatness of all nine Star Wars films in a single video, Twitter user Vordeel has accomplished the feat with a less than two minute video. The fan edit is set to the excellent Blue Monday remix used in the official Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. The video features epic lightsaber duels from the entire Skywalker saga as well as some of the franchise's best space battles. Throw in Leia and Padme kicking butt with blasters and you've got one fantastic fan edit.
Lightsaber Fights Set to Wonder Woman 1984’s Blue Monday Remix Are EPIC by Katherine Stinson,

Fan Reactions and Reviews

I see this and it reminds me that there is something special about Star Wars.[1]
one of the best star wars-related things I've ever seen[2]
I will reblog this everytime I see it until my dying day[3]
The sheer effort put into making this impresses me to no end.[4]
If you told me this was a trailer for the complete Star Wars movie collection I'd believe you[5]