Blue Squadron Journal

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Title: Blue Squadron Journal
Publisher: Blue Squadron Reserve, out of N.S.W., Australia, distributed in the US by Bill Hupe
Editor(s): Susan Clarke & Joanne Keating
Date(s): 1985-probably 1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Language: English
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cover of issue #1
cover of issue #3

Blue Squadron Journal is a gen Battlestar Galactica anthology. It was published in Australia in the late 1980s and early 1990s and has much art by Lana Brown.

From an ad in Backtrack #4 and Hypertension #6: "50pp approx of undiluted general Battlestar Galactica stories, poetry, and artwork."

Issue 1

Blue Squadron Journal 1 was published in 1985 and contains 50 pages. The art is by Lana Brown, Gail Neville, and Susan Clarke.

  • Foreword (2)
  • The Decision, fiction by L. Tristy Spence (3)
  • The Watch Keep, fiction by Susan Clarke (17)
  • That Which Was Lost, fiction by L. Tristy Spence (21)
  • The Eternal Triangle, fiction by Stephanie Kane (41)
  • The Shadow of the Great Trees, vignette and poem by Gail Neville (49)

Issue 2

Blue Squadron Journal 2 was published in 1986 and contains 47 pages. Stories by Susan Clarke, Stephanie Kane, and L. Tristy Spence.

Issue 3

Blue Squadron Journal 3 was published in 1990 or before and contains 46 pages. A single story "Overture of a Civilization" by Charles Weekes. Includes many illustrations specifically done for the story.