Blonde Attitude

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Name: Blonde Attitude
Dates: ? - 2001
Type: pairing-centric
Fandom: Roswell
URL: (Wayback link)
Blonde Attitude an Isabel and Maria site.jpg
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Blonde Attitude is an Isabel and Maria site. By 2001 the site was no longer active but remained online. It had pictures, links and fanfic.


Survivors Guilt by Kate Bolin. Isabel has guilt.

Drowning in Dreams by Pilar. An orgy. Semi-orgy? Demi-orgy, perhaps?

Gratuity by Jennifer. Isabel reflects.

Midas Touch by Livia. Maria is changed by Isabel

All That Human Hearts Can Endure by Joy. Isabel finds a friend.

Goddess by Elizabeth. Maria discovers she's stronger than she realized.

Normal Complications by Joy Isabel's musings.


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