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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Blarney Stone's Fanfic Page
Author: Blarney Stone
Dates: 09 October 1999 or before - present
Fandom: Due South
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Blarney Stone's Fanfic Page is an author page with Due South fanfiction.
My favorite character on Due South is Ray Kowalski, so I've divided the stories into sections by who I'm slashing him with. The first section is Fraser/Kowalski, the second is Kowalski/Turnbull, then Kowalski/Others, followed by Kowalski/Vecchio, miscellaneous stories, guest author Jane Symons, and finally the Odds and Ends.
The page was linked to from The Fan Fiction Directory as Blarney's Creative Works and was originally hosted by Geocities but in October 1999 it had already moved to a new URL.[1]

The site is a member of the Slash Fan Fiction Ring and The Children of the Night webring.


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