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Fan Club
Name: Several Unlimited (originally "Blake's Several")
Dates: 1980s to early 2000s
Founder(s): Jackie Horgan, Ann McKannan
Leadership: Dee Beetem
Country based in: Houston, Texas
Focus: Blake's 7 and other media
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Several Unlimited was a fan club. Meetings were held monthly in various places in Houston, Texas.

This club was originally a Blake's 7 fan club titled Blake's Several.

Around 1995, it expanded its fandom base and became Several Unlimited, a multifandom club.

The fan club handled the orphan zine table at RevelCon. See Sample Text of a 2000 Orphan Zine Table Letter and the Several Unlimited Internet Zine Sale.

Some club news can be seen here: Message from the President: 1997-2000, Archived version.

Its Zines

The club published several zines:

Its Cons

The club hosted several cons:

A Millennium Party

A fan recounts a 1999/2000 New Year's Eve party hosted by the club:

Fans of The Sentinel welcomed the new year with a room party that ran concurrent with the Several Unlimited Millennium Party. Since we were just across the hall from the main event, lots of back and forth celebrating was going on.

Laurie Haynes, Jan Meeks, and Kelly Gatewood helped me host an evening of Sentinel songvids and blooper reels. Kelly brought along some great photos of the cast she had taken at various Sentinel conventions. Lots of fellow TS fans dropped in throughout the evening for some lively discussion, which also branched out into X-Files. At midnight, we joined the main contingent in the boardroom for the obligatory bubbly and noise-making. After mingling awhile, most of us retired back to the Sentinel Sanctuary for more songvids. At around 3:30AM, we decided that the New Year was well and truly started, so we were done, or rather done-in for the night.

The next morning, we joined everyone for the Ritual Breakfast, splitting up on our separate ways after that. The fans who joined me all said they had a great time and expressed an interest in doing this again next year. It wasn't just a party, it was a chance once again to get together for some fun with old friends and new. Like the defining theme of our favorite television show, "It's about friendship". [1]