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Name: Ann McKannan
Type: fanzine publisher, convention volunteer, fan writer
Fandoms: Blake's 7, Rat Patrol, Muncle, Wild Wild West
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Ann Elaine McKannan was the publisher of Lindberg's Legacy Press and a frequent attendee and volunteer at Revelcon. She was also a founding member of Blake's Several, a fan club.

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Her Passing

She passed in 1998 and her friends set up a memorial page for her here.

This week our club lost one of our founding members: Ann McKannan, who died of cancer. I knew Ann both as a fan and fellow-librarian (we made the long drive to Austin together for two Saturday library-school courses). She was a writer, publisher, and singer; she was generous, courageous, and loyal; she gave a great deal of herself to her friends, to our club and to fandom as a whole. Losing her so suddenly is like closing a book and leaving a story unfinished forever. We will all miss her. [1]
...If there was one person that [I] would like fandom to remember, it's Ann McKannan. Without her offer to print the zine and her enthusiastic support along the way, Flanking Maneuvers would never have come into existence. She was a generous, talented soul who is still missed. [2]

Ann McKannan lost her battle against ovarian cancer in the morning of November 4, 1998. A founding member of Blake's Several (the former incarnation of Several Unlimited), she held the position of Newsletter Editor, Vice President, and Secretary. Amongst her many fandoms were Blake's Seven, Robin of Sherwood, and UNCLE. Some of her B7 stories were published in Standard by Several. Ann had worked on many local conventions, and was working on High Flight, a Mercedes Lackey convention. Ann was a children's librarian, and used her storyteller and puppeteer abilities to the joy of the children in her library. A singer in her church choir, she also performed with Anne Collins Smith in their act, Ann2, at many conventions.

Ann supported many fans in their endeavors, and helped out generously when emergencies hit. She gave money, time, and moral support to her fellow fans and friends. She never downgraded anyone, and helped new authors without complaining or stinting. She will be sorely missed. [3]

Ann Elaine McKannan was a dear friend of mine who passed away suddenly of ovarian cancer. She was a joyful and enthusiastic person who made my life, and the lives of many people, fuller and happier. This webpage is dedicated to her.

You will see accounts on this webpage that refer to Ann as "Ann," and others that refer to her as "Elaine." I should explain this! She lived in Houston, but lived in Austin for a year while she got her Master's degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin. Austin fandom at that time had three very active people named Ann(e), and it was confusing to add a fourth; rather than adopt the moniker "Ann #4," she decided to go by her middle name, Elaine. Most of us in Austin continued to call her Elaine even after she moved back to Houston, where she was still called Ann, and she cheerfully answered to either name from then on. [4]

Ann Elaine McKannan, a quiet member of this list, known to some of you as "Annbit" (for Ann, Bard in Training) is passing away. She's in the hospital in Houston with advanced cancer, & the doctor's given her perhaps 48 hours to live. Leah, my roomie, also a list member, is at her bedside, & if any of you believe in prayers, they both could use yours.

Elaine is not in any pain, as she is on high doses of morphine, so those of you who know her, don't fret about that. She's not one to fish for sympathy.

What she IS, is one of the most generous, kind & sweet souls you'd ever want to meet, a woman who had no children of her own, but as a librarian & a member of the Storyteller's Guild, is beloved by many kids. They've swamped her room with get well cards, & no-one's quite prepared to give them the news that she isn't coming back to enthrall them any more.

For that matter, I'm not ready to accept it either.

If any of you would like to remember her, give a donation to your local library in her name, or teach a child to read, or read to your child.

Or believe in yourself & write. She loved to write, & has published some fanfic herself. Before she got so sick, she had plans to publish many fanfic authors--she really wanted to promote fanfic. Sadly, that dream will die with her. But I know she'd encourage those among you with the =desire= to write not to put it off, but to GO for it.

You might not have tomorrow. -- Connie Crouch [5]


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