Blair's Compromised Lungs

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Blair Sandburg's lungs are almost a secondary character in The Sentinel.

After his drowning and subsequent resurrection, his lungs are often described as wheezy, weak, delicate, and make him prone to further illness, stress, and fragility.

Jim is often portrayed as being able to hear Blair's often labored breathing, allowing him both to monitor Blair's health and to experience much guilt about his inability to save Blair from the assault by Alex Barnes.


[Is there any mention in canon regarding his compromised lungs?]


From Chasing Rainbows by Panik: "Jim knew it was his fault Blair had walked out, injured and sick with a pair of infected, watery lungs and gone, dressed for the tropics, into a wet and freezing Cascade night, leaving no message, nothing at all to say why he'd gone or where he was heading."

From Into the Mouth of Hell by Lyn: "The cost of Alex’s attack had been high though. The drowning had scarred Blair’s lungs and he suffered recurrent bouts of bronchitis and pneumonia. He had, in fact finished a course of antibiotics just two days before and still seemed tired and spent from the illness."

From What About Now? by Arianna: "... he had no trouble imagining Blair's expression while he was trying so hard to calmly tell him he'd been exposed to a plague, a plague that might attack lungs that were already scarred by death."