Blade (Buffyverse vid)

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Title: Blade
Creator: aimee
Date: April 2006
Format: WMV
Music: sound from the movie trailer for 'Blade'
Fandom: Angel the Series
Footage: Buffy/Angel
URL: download
banner for the vid

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Blade is an Buffy vid by aimee. It was recommended at buffyversetop5 on October 31, 2006.

Vidder's summary: "An AU trailer for an Angel movie. It uses the original audio from the Blade movie trailer."

Trailer vocieover: "Against an army of Immortals, one warrior must draw first blood. He has sworn to defend humanity yet he is not entirely human. He possesses the superhuman strength of vampires yet he fights for their annihilation. He is Blade (David Boreanaz), an immortal warrior born with powers greater than any man or vampire – and he has just one mission: to destroy an organization of vampires and demons preying on the human race. Blade is out to eliminate the blood thirsty killers for good, but first he must eliminate their omnipotent overlord, Deacon Frost (Christian Kane). Using his awesome powers and razor sharp weaponry, Blade steps out for the night of his life. Prepare for a blood chilling thriller you wouldn’t dare imagine."[1]


  • "Who wouldn't want to watch the movie from this trailer?"[2]
  • "At first you think it's just another AU trailer, well done but nothing particularly amazing. But then it clicks: she has used only one audio track, the exact audio from the Blade trailer. Everything you see onscreen has been matched to audio, not from source. I can't imagine the amount of time this must have taken, the type of in-depth knowledge of source you'll need to carry it off in such a coherent, convincing way. Every single nuance of the alternate audio source is perfectly matched to the visuals. On top of that, the AU narrative is carried off superbly. A truly incredible and innovative effort!"[3]


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