Birds of a Feather (Haikyuu zine)

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Title: Birds of a Feather
Publisher: La Lionne Publishing
Editor(s): lalikaa​, otayuriistheliteralbest​, striveattemptfail
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Size: 96 pages
Fandom: Haikyuu
Language: English
External Links: Tumblr
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Birds of a Feather: A Haikyuu Fanzine, also known as the Karasuno First Years Zine, is a zine featuring fanwork of the first years of the Karasuno volleyball team: : Hinata Shouyo, Kageyama Tobio, Yachi Hitoka, Tsukishima Kei, and Yamaguchi Tadashi.


The zine’s theme is friendship/bonds. To coincide with our theme, this zine has strictly platonic, PG-rated zine that will focus on the friendship between these five fabulous first years! [1]

It features the works of 24 artists and 11 writers. The project also included merch by 7 artists and 2 graphic designers. Merch included charms, standees, prints, stickers, buttons. The zine was sold as a physical zine, a physical zine with a merch bundle, and as a PDF.


Cover Artist: pussycat-scribbles


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Graphic Designers

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