Big Fish

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Title: Big Fish
Creator: yhlee
Date: Sept. 2005
Length: 3:34 minutes
Music: “Big Fish” by Michelle Cross
Fandom: Angel
URL: vidder's website

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Big Fish is an Angel fanvid by yhlee. It was [1] reviewed by giandujakiss at the reel on November 24, 2006.

Vidder's summary: "Wesley (with a side of Angel) according to Illyria: Interlocking pain."


  • " A lovely, melancholy song perfectly matched with emotional images makes for a moving, sorrowful piece about Wesley and Illyria. However, based on the vidder’s description of her vid, I am not certain that the story she sought to tell was conveyed effectively.....This is a lovely, emotionally delicate vid that does a very good job of capturing the Wes/Illyria relationship. However, to the extent that the vidder also sought to portray the Wes/Angel relationship, I believe she was less successful, in part due to a reliance on images that did not seem to have any particular connection to either of them, or to their relationship with each other."[2]